I’m Worried For Kate Upton in the ‘Game of War: Fire Age’ Commercial

Game of War Fire Age Kate Upton 3

When I first saw the commercial for “Game of War: Fire Age,” I couldn’t even wrap my head around what was happening, because the girl’s ginormous bazoombas were so distracting. Like, really distracting. It takes you a second to realize that this is a commercial for a game.

The girl is American model and actress Kate Upton, by the way, who I guess is known for her cleavage, since she was the cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012 and 2013 and has appeared in movies like last year’s “The Other Woman.” In which she played … the other woman. Or at least one of them.

Clearly — to me anyway — “Game of War: Fire Age” is targeted towards teenage boys (of all ages). Or … is it…?

I’ll qualify this post by noting that I’m not a gamer and know nothing about “Game of War: Fire Age,” other than what I’ve read over here. I mean, it seems like a cool game of strategy (a modern cyber-version of the old Stratego board game we used to play as kids).

As I understand it, “Game of War” is a mobile app game where you join millions of other players around the world in real time to form alliances, make friends, build empires, craft weapons, train armies, and so on and so forth. It sounds fun. And best of all, it’s free!

But I’m curious how female gamers feel about the sexed-up girl in the commercial. She seems to be in charge, so there’s that (you go, sexed-up girl!). But I’m worried for her. There’s a good possibility of some real injuries as she’s bouncing around on that horse. She could hurt herself!

But are girls with ginormous bazoombas typical in the gaming world? Does it bug you, or don’t you care? Sound off in the comments below.


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  1. Erin Avatar

    As a 42-year old married mother of two that plays Game of War, all I can say is that it is SO ADDICTIVE and FUN. I’m not turned off by the commercial – mainly because it doesn’t really depict the game itself at all. Most of the people in my alliance are adults, probably half are over 30, maybe 25/30% are women. The “heroes” in the game can be male or female (you pick) and all the heroines have tremendous cleaveages. Not sure who the target audience is for this ad…

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Thank you for weighing in! I can see how it would be super fun and addictive for all ages. And the thing is, Kate Upton obviously knows that she’s known for her cleavage, so it seems like she’s just having fun with it and not taking herself too seriously. I’m sure she’s well paid for the commercial, so good for her.

      1. Jeremy Avatar

        Last I heard the ad campaign cost 40 million. I would imagine she’s getting a few dollars in there.

    2. Melissa Avatar

      I have to ditto what Erin said…I am not usually a gamer…way to busy for that as a 44 mom of 4!! But My oldest son (22) was playing and it looked so interesting (I am a Game of Thrones fanatic)…that I downloaded the app on my Kindle…now I play between reading classic novels and textbooks for my Masters class!!! It’s very engaging…and so much fun… for any age, really. I had seen this ad before I noticed my son playing the game and I never took much notice of the ad. (The guys aren’t the hot ones, the model is) So, if the company would love to intrigue women…MAKE THE WARLORDS SEXY!!!!

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        That’s a great thought – make the guys sexy, too! I mean, just based on the comments here, it’s clear that women love the game, too.

        1. Stacy Avatar

          I completely agree with that! A lot of women, including myself, play this game. Let’s make the eye candy fair!

    3. Moments business Avatar

      Sorry she is not attractive, they could have better. Seriously if they wanted to make the game/commercial about a hot girl, they should not have used this hag.

      1. George Cornell Avatar
        George Cornell

        There is no accounting for taste is there

      2. Auntie Margie Avatar
        Auntie Margie

        It is easy to be nasty when you’re anonymous.

      3. Samantha Avatar

        Agree. Anyway it’s not like she’s bouncing around in a metal bustier, it’s definitely a metallic fabric.

        1. A. Nonymous Avatar
          A. Nonymous

          Actually, on one of the commercials, they start off showing her in a bath, and during the course of the commercial, she does put on the armor equivalent of your “metal bustier’.

  2. Erin Avatar

    Since you brought up the question, “does it bug you?” I’m curious if it bugs you? All the boys (now grown boys) I know spent their entire life watching Arnold, Sylvester, VanDame, etc in next to no clothes so I don’t get why any of us (women) are getting upset about the marketability of bare flesh whether it be male or female?

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I don’t know that it bothers me so much as it was just a shock when I first saw the commercial. It makes you stop and take a second look at the ginormous bazoombas, and then – oh wait, she’s in charge here and she’s ordering a bunch of men around, so you go girl.

      And as Tom says below, Kate Upton knows her assets and is using those assets to no doubt bring in a good income. Should it bother other females if she’s doing that? Isn’t that what empowerment is all about? Being independent and taking care of yourself and your loved ones? So yeah, I say good for her.

    2. Peggy Avatar

      I personally am 63 years old and I want to be her!!

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        🙂 She really is pretty awesome.

        1. WatrGrrl Avatar

          At 62 years of age, I’ll echo Peggy’s comment – I,too, want to look like Kate Upton! I have what she has- the only problem is I’m not s well-distributed and there’s a lot more of me! LOL!

  3. Tom Avatar

    “I am woman, hear me roar!” the fems cry, then “really worry” about a woman roaring when she exploits her best assets as she wants to. I think she is smart to bank on her bod while she can, and later worry if she has traded her “feminine soul” for mere mammon. She will have the luxury of doing so from a warm, personally owned home, instead of from the arm of some wealthy man, if she chooses. Ohhh, the anguish she must endure!

  4. c Lee Avatar
    c Lee

    I’m a female player, late 20’s, and leader of my alliance. I love the game, and agree it is very addictive. Definitely not suitable for all ages as the chatrooms there are often filled with profanity and other materials for mature audiences. As for the commercial itself, i thought it was amazing, and as you said, has a woman in charge. But what I couldn’t understand is why she was wearing such an unflattering outfit that squishes her breasts like pancakes, surely they could have given her an outfit that complimented her curvy figure.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Yeah, I hear that. Though maybe the squish factor translates to the shock factor, which makes people take a second look at the commercial.

  5. caridade Avatar

    let me tell you this is a step down in comparison to the old Athena. The guys in my alliance would go crazy every time we got a message from her and they got to see her practically naked body, so i take this over the other one. i am currently in an alliance that requires that you be over 18 years of age and good thing since the chat gets very M-rated. It does bother me, specially considering how every female avatar looks like a stripper. I got a mostly dressed avatar for myself but those breast are huge. so big breast is definitely something MZ is out to promote for unknown reasons since so many women play this game. the game is very addictive and i have been playing it for months. i even let myself go and spent a couple of hundreds, though i decided to not spend anymore since my other alliance members cover what i need. we are like a family and regardless of how annoy i get about the sexualization of the female body, i do not regret playing the game and will continue to do so for more time to come.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      That’s really cool that you’ve bonded with other people online. Some of my best friends are online – people I’ve never met face to face! Hopefully we’ll meet some day, but I’m just glad I found them in this big crazy world.

      Ok, this is making me want to play the game.

  6. Erics Avatar

    I have giant bazoombas and I’m a gamer. All I saw in the commercial was a badass lafy in charge not a sex symbol. But after breastfeeding boobs are practically invisible to me.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I know, right? After nursing two babies, it definitely took some of the mystery out of breasts. Yeah, we know what they’re for.

    2. Sunshine Avatar

      Agreed. I have what people consider “ginormous bazoombas” and I keep them well concealed to help other people focus and to spare my own embarrassment with being over-endowed. So, when I first saw the commercial, I thought the actress looked fat (I had no idea she was Kate Upton). Then I realized that in a sense, she looked like me. Then I realized that I had some potentially serious issues with my a near perfect goddess-like body.

      So after much consideration, I have come to realize that a woman who has an exquisite shapely God-given body is just as worthy of being a conqueror as a women who has no shape at all.

      So, I am going to stop hiding behind too big clothing, be thankful, embrace all of my beauty (inside & out), and go conquer some shyt!

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        You go, girl! 🙂

        1. lily Avatar

          It’s funny because, like Christina Hendricks, Kate Upton’s fans are mostly women. She herself noted this in an interview last year, how her fans had flipped from men to women. And this makes a lot of sense since she has put on a lot of weight only in her torso since her first SI cover. This is a totally male fat distribution and has no reproductive purpose. Yes, men also gain fat in their chest and stomach. If you are very feminine your reproductive fat gets stored below the waist and your breasts are for milk storage (with only enough fat for proper insulation of the glands), so if they’re large for reproductive reasons, they’ll be more torpedo shaped and less wide/flat, and definitely not all under the armpits like Upton. That’s not boobs, that’s just armpit fat in most cases (unless you have anxillary breats and they change with your cycle). Upton has a really chubby torso compared to me and teenage girls…If she lost weight she would lose like half her chest and finally have a healthy stomach/desirable waist to hip ratio. It’s funny how women keep trying to understand or claim that men find her hot when it’s really women who do, especially women with similar fat distribution. Given the obesity epidemic in America and Britain, this non-reproductive fat distribution is becoming common and it makes women feel good to think men are into it. Also if you look at the readership of the huffington post, which loves Upton, it’s mostly women over 35. It doesn’t surprise me that so many women play this video game because I really think Kate Upton is marketed towards women and especially middle age women. I don’t think she has “huge” boobs because she also has a lot of fat on her torso generally and cup size is a measure of the difference/projection btw chest and torso. There are a lot of women who have breasts like hers, but they don’t model/emphasize them as much. She could go to pretty much any lingerie department and find a bra in America, which has a limited cup range, because she falls into the large side of average. It’s important to know that American women are spread equally btw b, c and d cups, and she’s a 36D maybe 34DD if she wears her bra low enough. I, on the other hand, am not even able to wear triangle bikinis and I don’t gain or lose fat off my chest. It’s the skinniest part of my body other than my breasts. Kate Upton’s breasts change all the time though as she gains weight and crash diets. She’s not a symbol of health because her crash juice cleanse diets leave her looking weak, hence the lack of any arm or leg muscles, and the completely flat butt (usually the biggest muscle in the body). For me, above a UK G (US size H) is getting big, but as a women who fits into only the highest cup offerings of the fullest bust brands (also the lowest band sizes :/ 28 or 30) I realize that my perceptions may be biased. However, I think that most women are looking at Kate subjectively. Also, I think her appeal is very racially/class biased, she comes from money. It shouldn’t be assumed that a person is the hottest just because they’re the most famous. The amount of editing it takes to make her look good makes me wonder why they just don’t replace her; I think it’s her societal status. And honestly, once again, mostly women talking about Upton. Female beauty standards have nothing to do with reproduction or male perceptions (males who aren’t focused on status that is, and they generally aren’t as status oriented).

  7. Jeanne Croteau Avatar
    Jeanne Croteau

    I will admit that I really, really hated that commercial when I first saw it (and no it’s not boob envy because I have toooo much as it is!). I didn’t understand the connection to the game (and I’m a long-time gamer) and felt like it just was odd. If anything, it turned me off from wanting anything to do with the game :/

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      It does sound like a cool game, though, Jeanne. Maybe we should join together and form an alliance. 🙂

  8. Alex Avatar

    Um, it bothers me. My daughter who is 12, my sons who are 16 and 10 all play this game. I just find it innapropriate. Even being a man myself, was that really necessary for a game for young ones? I think not. Disappointing actually…

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      It seems like there should be different sections for different ages. Have a family-friendly section for younger kids, and a grownup section for people who don’t care about the chat-swearing and half-naked bodies.

      1. GOWGuy Avatar

        They don’t have age restricted brackets, but they really should, the players partake in fair amounts of smack talking in the main chatroom (especially during big fights and wars) that get’s to be way too much for anyone under probably 16 or so, and questionable for them.

        This is generally not dirty talk or flirting, but more of general trash talk and insults, like you’d have on a game field.

        A lot of groups try to self moderate as well as soon as they see anyone younger is in there, but personally, I don’t allow my kids to play the game even though I really like it.

  9. Danielle Avatar

    Actually, I just completed an analysis of research that examines the overt sexualization of women in gaming culture, and regardless of the players gender, repeated viewings of women in objectifying positions or clothing has real long term consequences. We begin to associate the presumed intellect and morals of any scantily clad female with sex workers. That’s what the brain does: sees bikini, thinks prostitute. The personal value system of the player/viewer doesn’t factor into this at all either and doesn’t prevent this perception from carrying over into daily life.

  10. Danno54 Avatar

    I like her ginornormous bazoombas. I could care less about the game but I like her boobs. Yeah. I like big boobs. So use me.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Honesty is always good. 🙂

  11. Kinky Tinky Avatar
    Kinky Tinky

    GOW is targeted to middle age people with large credit card limits who are bored in there marriages and real life. Every night they can live out sexual fantasies, sext with other players, girl or boy, talk dirty with each other while playing a very addictive war game that will break the bank if your not careful. Kate only brings more of an audience or keeps the ones in it that have already indulged.

  12. Steve bennett Avatar
    Steve bennett

    Its funny to watch feminist/women fret and anguish over aay deviation form their idealized female shape and dress (which as far as i can make out is elenor rosevelt)

    I suspect the feminist public outrage created whenever someone thinner, more endowd, or more sexy dressed then elanor appears in the media has a greater negative then mate herself.

    Meanwhile, as a man, im exposed to endless bare chested beefcake action stars with huge muscles and uber masculinity and over the top he-men in games. Sign me up for bigger than life heros

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Good point! I wonder if it’s because women are constantly comparing ourselves to other women. Do guys do that? Compare yourselves to other men? Or do you just not even care if the guy sitting next to you has bigger muscles? 🙂

  13. Gracie Avatar

    As a person with large bazoombas, all I could think about while watching the slow mo horse riding scene is ” man, that’s gotta hurt”!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I know, right? And there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of support there. It’s not like she’s wearing a sports bra. 🙂

  14. Gambit Avatar

    Fat and/or ugly women are always quick to jump all over women whom show off their assets. The unattractive will quickly claim the attractive women are fat-shamming them or beauty-shaming. And yet they turn around and criticize and shame them for using their assets to get ahead. So what Kate has big boobs. So what the omercial is geared towards teenage boys. Kate probably saw this review and cried her eyes out. Pretty girls have feelings too. Maybe she does know they cast her for her boobs, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t, want to be appreciated for her acting effort. Yes they DID get my attention, but I still found the commercials pretty entertaining.
    A few other things you should know there do exist sexy, big boobed, gamer and sci-fi girls. I’ve dated a few of them. My wife is a sexy techie programmer. So yes these women do exist.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Well, as some of us noted in the comments, we’re actually totally on board with Kate recognizing her specific gifts and building an entire (money-making) brand around them. I doubt she’s crying her eyes out. She’s no doubt laughing all the way to the bank! So yeah, you go girl!

  15. Dever Norman Avatar
    Dever Norman

    The issue is not – and never was – nudity. The issue is objectification. The issue is that we train people to be comfortable with the absurd idea of enjoying the sight of a girl racing into battle with scarcely any protection on her body. I know some will counter with, “but she’s a godess (or whatever), so she’ll be okay”. If so, you’ve entirely missed the point. We make her an object. We are more worried about seeing those nipples than whether her head, neck, heart, and major arteries are protected. In fact, the only thing that really needs to be covered is that which allows it to be on television. This crap is everywhere. Red Sonja. Sucker Punch. Ask yourself how you feel about a thing without the T&A and you’ll see how much your mind has been enslaved to it.

  16. Grey Beard Avatar
    Grey Beard

    This post came up when I made a search to confirm that Kate Upton was the actress in the Game of War commercial. I am the proud father of 2 daughters and grandfather of a granddaughter that I love dearly. One of my daughters has assets that of similar proportions to Kate Upton’s. She has chosen to not try to take commercial advantage of her assets in the manner that Kate Upton has. I know the treatment that my daughter has been subjected to just because of what genetics have done for her or to her depending on how you see it. I have no idea what Kate Upton has gone through for the way she is, but it should not matter for Kate Upton or my daughter.

    It really upsets me that women choose to make “ginormous bazoombas” alone a reason to be critical to a woman who just happens to be that way. The women out there with “ginormous bazoombas” especially the younger women should have a pretty good idea of how “ginormous bazoombas” can affect their lives. There are advantages to some extent, but there are no shortage of disadvantages not limited by just the physical challenges.

    The subject post is a flaming example of why women especially should just let other women be what they are without being critical. I just want my ladies (daughters and granddaughter) to be what they want to be and do what they want to do without other women that don’t measure up physically prove through their behavior that the do not measure up in character either.

  17. Iva Lourdes Avatar

    Awesome article.Thank you Jane

  18. Rob Avatar

    Since the PS2 was made, females really got in on gaming in ways not seen since the N64. It HUGELY boosted when the MMO Everquest came out, which was followed eventually by WoW. You see not only do girls kick ass in them, but it’s freaking Barbie Dress Up! The games should have added horses and flying animals right out the gate instead of later to complete the ensemble. My daughter played Oblivion, for example, like Barbie. She would have me apply the god cheat code so she was invincible and not restricted by carry weight, then go wherever she wanted with whole wardrobe. She would change into different outfits and out loud talk to the computer characters like she was playing Barbies. If she needed something from a dungeon, though, she had me control, cuz those scared her, but anything outside she mowed down with spells and swords. In short, learn more about gaming than just the back of a box. It’s a culture, not a freaking movie to review. As far as any sell by sex goes, that’s nothing new. Guys want to be with her, gals want to BE her, and in a fantasy game, you can.

  19. derick Avatar

    As with most games the target audience is men and women with a credit card. The company does not make money on free players. So if having Kate doing there commercials brings more men that’s a win people are acting like she is nude. I see more skin on watching surviver and dancing with the stars and those other crappie shows then her adds.

  20. Jarod Avatar

    At Jane. I don’t know how I came across your blog, but once I did, I was shocked. Why? Because people like you that waste so much time worrying about other women’s breast size while riding a horse…you have FAR too much time on your hands. It’s one thing to think the question, but taking to the Interweird and posting it up? What a COLOSSAL waste of time.
    You obviously have NO idea of how the film industry works with movie magic tricks and how markerting works (too deeply hidden in your Bat Cave of Hife FRom Reality) .

    Sex sells! Gorgeous women sell. Power to Kate. Go girl!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I live for the day when I have too much time on my hands. 🙂

      1. Jarod Avatar

        I have an adage in life: “There’s no sense in trying to reach the dense”.

        If you (much like many “UNopen minded people) don’t see the reality of marketing, advertising and how the entertainment industries (PLURAL) work, you’re simply stating your own MISguided, MISinformed and UNintelligent opinion.

        Fine. Everyone’s free to give one. It doesn’t mean they’re worth the paper they’re written on though.

        No sense in trying to reach the dense…you don’t even want to open your eyes to reality. As stated before, FAR too much time on your hands to be “worried” about this and too close minded to be schooled by an educated person who works in the field.

        Too bad for you. You could have learned a lot.

        1. Amelia Avatar

          You are a dumb guy who does not get the point… Respect to Jane for her manners but you sir are DAF

  21. monica Avatar

    I have two words for you that will answer your question sweetheart.


    Born an a cup w/ a voice to sing to the angels but no one would give her the time of day. So she took a look at what sells. Body image is important. If you got em…flaunt em…and use em:)
    No one in history has made more $$ off her big knockers then Mrs Dolly. Bless her lol
    If a woman has to use her assets in life just to get noticed then so be it. It shouldnt be that way…but *shrugs* as long as it harms no one…may life continue in joy.:)

  22. Niels Henriksen Avatar
    Niels Henriksen

    Ah, so it was a commercial for a game? My eyes must have been elsewhere … 😉

  23. Peter Avatar

    As a guy, there’s no denying her physical attractiveness. But how can anyone appreciate the way she said her lines? Her acting is horrible and her voice saying “Will you be my hero” sounds so disinterested and unemotional, it ruined the commercial IMHO.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Also, someone familiar with the game clue me in on her character. Because this woman does not seem like she needs a hero. She seems like her OWN hero.

  24. Mohammed Avatar

    I’m not familiar with Kate Upton. From the way she spoke I thought she was European! Her ‘acting’ is atrocious.

  25. Ashley B. Avatar
    Ashley B.

    Honestly I can’t stand it. Why do you need a model with giant breasts to advertise a game? Have we really gotten to this point in society where we flaunt bodies to sell them? There’s no modesty anymore. I’m 21 and a mother of 2 children under the age of 2 but this isn’t something I would want them to see. Especially my husband. He’s very good with turning his head when it comes to over exposed cleavage of nudity but it’s just ridiculous. Oohh I wanna play this game because of the model with large breasts! Like really? Advertise the game, not breasts.

  26. Sean Avatar

    This advertising campaign just makes me uncomfortable, and I’m a single 46 year old man. Is there something wrong with me?

    1. ProjectPat Avatar

      Unless you are gay, which is okay, yeah there might be something wrong. To each his own though!

  27. Reaper Avatar

    For me, the ginormous bazoombas are all that matter.

  28. Fantasy_buy Avatar

    Love the post, as always. I have a lot of female gamers on my forum, and they have conflicting arguments whenever I bring up this commercial. I will have to refer them here. Opinion division is great.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Send them over. I had no idea this commercial would elicit so many opinions!

  29. ProjectPat Avatar

    Kate Upton is beautiful! Never heard the term “bazoombas” before but if that means immaculate breasts, yes she has them. America is the Land of Opportunity…if Ms. Upton makes her fortune by showing her “assets” good for her! Obviously she is smart because she figured out a way to make some of the easiest money imaginable. I believe she is very much an empowered woman. Not that women can only offer bazoombas to be successful, but that is the route she chose. She makes us men drool daily..that is real power. Good for Kate Upton and her silly game. Laughing all the way to the bank.
    And for whomever above called her a hag….no one deserves to be called that..especially not such a great natural beauty! Stop trolling…I know life is hard in Mom’s basement but why so negative?? Life is too short to be bitter because either you are a woman who doesnt look like her, or a man who could never have her! Get back under your bridge, troll.

  30. Paul Griffin Avatar
    Paul Griffin

    Rather disappointingly Kate seems to have been dropped from the adverts for Game of War in the UK recently. Whether that was intentional from the makers, somebody complained (usual PC BS) or Ms Hudson got to the stage where she couldn’t stop laughing doing the ads. Come on, I bet some of you out there watch the ads in the secret hope they accidentally put out the blooper reel where she realises she can’t take seriously anymore and collapses into fits of giggles never to recover!

  31. game of war fire age for pc Avatar

    game of war fire age is going to become the best strategy game of the year for sure

  32. Sylvia Avatar

    Poor girl- her breasts always get to their destination way before she ever does. I think they have their own zip code. Get them fixed!

  33. Nicole tshumba Avatar
    Nicole tshumba

    Hi there, I’m one of the rare female gamer around here, I have played a lot of MMO WoW( =world of Warcraft ) AION, and right now I’m beta testing SKYFORGE ( which is lot like final fantasy XIII) Now pro put this straight I’m a web designer and an artist,,and I’m 37 ( I could already here the people screaming no lifer) THE GAME OF WAR advert is clearly directed to a male Audience, if Kate Upton is supposed to be Athena, she doesn’t appear like so, her breasts are in the way and honestly when I saw the advert it was pure manifestation of sexism, they bring video audience to the Middle Ages, not thinking women can be interested. That’s a bad strategy at the moment female players are around 20% and still growing. That’s their loss.

  34. Maximilian Nero Avatar

    I started playing GoW before Upton was the poster girl. The ad doesn’t bother me at all, but I guess I am a guy, soooo…

    Anyway, I’m a gamer and I loved Game of War, I had an incredible alliance. I have since become disenchanted with the game though. I don’t like pay2win games at all.

  35. Maria Shrieves Avatar
    Maria Shrieves

    I’m very big chested like Kate. I was kicked off my trampoline team because people were coming to watch my breasts and not the team. I love my breasts the way they are. But its not like in the movies, big breasts in the real world, is completely different. I got turned down for an apprenticeship at a nursery because of them. I passed one interview at a hotel chain, because the interviewer was breast obsessed. I didn’t take it. I used to be bullied on a certain bus route by school kids. There were other things too. I was quite down in the dumps for a long time. Untill I bumped into this guy who was a photographer for Score and Voluptuous magazines. He told me not to worry as it was only the minority who were getting at my breasts. He then asked me if I wanted to appear in these magazines. I laughed and politely turned him down. Posing for those sort of magazines isn’t my cup of tea. Now I think Kate looks amazing in the trailers. And usually when they make a film. Of a comic or fantasy subject they don’t reflect the curvyness that the original female character had. But these trailers do. And I love that. Too many fantasy and comic fans have been waiting aeons for a big breasted Goddess to be galloping across the screen on a horse. The only other film I can think of is X-Men First Class where Emma Frost actually looks like Emma Frost. I do play the game its annoying but there are some nice people on it. Yes I gave in to Kate’s chest calling to me in the night. Ok thanks for this discussion and thanks for letting me have my say.

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