This Week With Jimmy Fallon: Obama, Brian Williams, Lorde, Martin Short & More! (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon Brian Williams Slow Jam

(Editor’s Note: A big welcome to Stefanie Erdahl, who’s going to cover Jimmy Fallon for us! We love him.)

Jimmy Fallon’s “Saturday Night Live” background really does give him great experience improvising and rolling with the punches, whether it’s with a guest, his sidekick Higgins, or in his monologue. I love the combination of what’s up in pop culture, news and politics. Along with a healthy dose of regular bits, there was lots to laugh about this week.

Jimmy’s opener included security jokes about the ease of getting into the White house and the legalization of pot … was the wording on the ballet “just too confusing for the actual pot smokers?”

Also featured, the guy who robbed four Subway shops because he was so mad that the Jarod diet just did not work, and the buzz about Chris Hemsworth earning People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title.

Brian Williams slow-jammed the news, with backups by Jimmy and the Roots. Camera positioning and fading in and out of the performers was perfectly executed.

There was Oscar buzz, consistent riffs on Obama and Biden (electile dysfunction), and always something about the venerable Chris Christie!

Some of the guests this week were surprisingly easygoing and comfortable. Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie were like brother and sister, so easy with each other. It leaves no question why Matt would prefer Savannah to the always awkward banter he had with Ann Curry!

Martin Short was another guest that was so funny and at ease . He did a ‘Jimminy Glick’ bit with Jimmy that was really funny.

There was also Pictionary with Jimmy, Martin and a fun surprise visit from Jerry Seinfeld.

Another opening monologue featured Jimmy riffing on the true story of a bank specializing in pot growers … “You think YOUR bank is slow?”

Tim Allen also did a guest spot and is so comfortable — like a guy who no longer needs the money but does comedy for fun.

Pros and cons of Thanksgiving made me laugh, as did this comment from Jimmy: “You want your siblings to be doing just a little worse than you!”

Bill O’Reilly showed up to promote his book “Killing Patton,” which actually sounds intriguing for those who like historical fiction. He is one person who is clear in his convictions and does not care what others think of him.

Lorde followed O’Reilly and talked about her friendship with Taylor Swift before knocking it out of the park with a fabulous performance of her tune “Yellow Flicker Beat,” from “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.”

Thank You Notes rounded out the fun this week on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”!

Stay tuned for the next “This Week With Jimmy Fallon”!


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