‘House of Cards’ Gets a Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix!

House of Cards

If, like me, you’ve been patiently awaiting the news of a premiere date for “House of Cards” Season 3, our wish has been granted! Netflix sent me an email this morning with links to their Twitter and Facebook announcements. Same message on both accounts, so I’ve posted the Twitter message below. Yep, look for Season 3 to premiere Feb. 27, 2015!

It’s a very ominous, ok creepy and terrifying, short video that shows Francis and Claire Underwood riding the escalator up to Air Force One, a limo in the background, because — he’s the President now! It’s quite impressive to think of all the machinations that brought them to this point. Oh the power. Things are gonna get real now.

Are you a “House of Cards” fan? What do you think will happen in Season 3? 


2 responses to “‘House of Cards’ Gets a Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix!”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    Thanks for posting. I admit I’m fascinated by this show, although, after the second season I really wondered why there could be any pleasure in following such evil people.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I think for me, it comes down to the characters and that “train wreck” thing – I can’t look away! Same thing as with Walter White in Breaking Bad. Although whereas Walter started out as basically a good person and spiraled into very-bad-person, I get the feeling that Francis was always a bad seed (harking back to that poor dog in the first episode).

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