Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 12 DVDs & Blu-rays for Tweens

Danny Phantom CompleteThe holidays are upon us (yes! already!), which means it’s time to make a list and check it twice. Fortunately, it’s been a great year for DVDs and Blu-rays, and I guarantee you’ll find something for everyone in our holiday gift guides. Let’s take a look at 12 DVDs and Blu-rays for the tween set, everything from Power Rangers to Transformers.

1. Danny Phantom: The Complete Series

Released Jan. 28, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 10-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

And you thought the hassles of everyday high school life were bad! Meet Danny Fenton, a good-natured, ordinary 14-year-old kid with extraordinary powers. After an accident involving the ‘Ghost Zone’ portal of his two highly eccentric ghost-hunting parents, Danny now has the half-ectoplasmic DNA of a ghost, giving him the ability to fight off the horrible spooks, specters and vengeful ghost hunters threatening our world! But before Danny can defeat anything, he must first learn to control his newfound powers with the help of his best friends, tech-head Tucker and self-proclaimed goth Sam.

Power Rangers S13-172. Power Rangers: Seasons 13-17

Released April 1, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 21-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

This limited-edition collection contains all 166 episodes and a bevy of bonus content for Saban’s Power Rangers, the popular children’s action-adventure series. Includes retrospective featurettes celebrating the Power Rangers with brand-new interviews with members of the cast and crew, archival material and more. The collection includes the fan-favorite Power Rangers S.P.D., as well as the explosive Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers Jungle Fury and Power Rangers RPM.

Hey Arnold Complete3. Hey Arnold! The Complete Series

Released Aug. 19, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 16-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

Life in the city is one big adventure for Arnold. Living with his grandparents, who run the Sunset Arms boarding house, Arnold shares a roof with a diverse and unusual menagerie of characters (including his pet pig!). But as any fourth grader knows, some of the most memorable people you’ll ever meet are in school. With friends like Arnold’s (including storyteller Gerald, class jinx Eugene, sometime-bully Harold, and the tomboy Helga, who harbors a secret crush on our hero), you can be sure that he’s got some funny exploits to share with viewers.

Thunder House of Magic4. Thunder and the House of Magic

Released Sept. 30, 2014 | Shout! Factory | DVD/Blu-ray | Buy on Amazon

Directed by renowned 3D filmmakers Ben Stassen and Jeremie Degruson, with original music by Ramin Djawadi, this whimsical animated family adventure brings to life a unique story with a great sense of humor, positive values and universal appeal. Thunder is an abandoned young cat who stumbles into an old mansion operated by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. Owned by a kindly retired magician, the house is occupied by assorted wacky assistants who don’t all welcome the new houseguest. But when the magician lands in the hospital and his scheming nephew puts the mansion up for sale, our young hero and his new friends join forces to save their magical home.

Transformers Energon Complete5. Transformers Energon: The Complete Series

Released May 6, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 7-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

In 2004, Transformers fans were introduced to the animated series “Transformers Energon,” the second part of the rare Unicron Trilogy – consisting of Armada, Energon and Cybertron. The heroic Optimus Prime, his legions of Autobots and their human friends are in search of the valuable substance Energon, which they find on Earth. A mysterious force has discovered the Energon, as well, and will stop at nothing to gain control of all of it. It’s up to the Autobots to save the fate of mankind and planet Earth from total destruction.

Jack Cuckoo Clock Heart6. Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

Released Oct. 7, 2014 | Shout! Factory | DVD/Blu-ray | Buy on Amazon

This whimsical and visually opulent animated fairy tale is set in an exciting period full of fabulous inventions, unforgettable characters, enchanting music and fantastic adventures. Directed by Mathias Malzieu and Stéphane Berla, with an adaptation by Mathias Malzieu from his own bestselling novel and the gold-selling album by his band Dionysos, this movie features an English voice cast, including Orlando Seale, Samantha Barks,  Stéphane Cornicard, Jessie Buckley, Michelle Fairley, and Richard Riddings.

Marvel Knights Wolverine7. Marvel Knights: The Wolverine Collection

Released Oct. 14, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 5-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

This set includes five complete Marvel Knights Animation releases, together in one collection for the first time, including Wolverine: Origin, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth: Reborn and Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today. Marvel Knights Animation remains true to the heritage of panel-by-panel graphic storytelling, boasting groundbreaking illustrations, sensational soundscapes, and of course, the explosiveness of the Mighty Marvel Universe.

Transformers Cybertron Complete8. Transformers: Cybertron – The Complete Series

Released Aug. 5, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 7-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

In 2005, Transformers fans were introduced to the animated series Transformers Cybertron, the third installment of the rare Unicron Trilogy – consisting of Armada, Energon and Cybertron. Unicron has been defeated, but his destruction has created a black hole, which is threatening the Autobots’ home world of Cybertron. It’s up to Optimus Prime, his team of heroic Autobots and their new human friends — Coby, Lori and Bud — to secure the four mystical Cyber Planet Keys, in order to destroy the black hole. Unfortunately, Megatron and the Decepticons are always lurking. And if the Cyber Planet Keys fall into their hands, it could mean the end of life as we know it!

Slugterra Return Elementals9. Slugterra: Return Of The Elementals

Released Sept. 16, 2014 | Shout! Factory | DVD | Buy on Amazon

Continuing the story from the hit TV series on Disney XD, “Return of the Elementals” welcomes a new member to the Shane Gang: Junjie, a master of the mysterious art of Slug Fu. But even with the power of five slugslingers working together, the Shane Gang find themselves in over their heads as they race to protect the ancient Elemental Slugs, the ancestors of all slugs found in Slugterra today. In the wrong hands, they could bring Slugterra to the brink of destruction. So when an evil alliance starts hunting down the Elementals, Eli and his friends take off in pursuit of the greatest threat their world has ever faced. Includes a bonus “Slugisode” as a special feature.

CatDog Complete10. CatDog: The Complete Series

Released Oct. 10, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 12-DVD Set | Buy on Amazon

So you think you have trouble dealing with your sibling? Check out the madcap misadventures of the feline and canine brothers who bring new meaning to the idea of family bonding. Brothers Cat and Dog couldn’t be more different. Cat is clever and cultured, while Dog is a naïve but lovable goofball. But they definitely share one thing in common: a body! This crazy set of conjoined twins find themselves in all sorts of silly adventures, but through them all, the two misfits stick together…whether they like it or not! Includes all 68 episodes of the series.

Power Rangers Megaforce Robo Knight Christmas11. Power Rangers Megaforce: Robo Knight Before Christmas

Released Nov. 18, 2014 | Lionsgate | DVD | Buy on Amazon

Robo Knight learns the true meaning of Christmas from a group of children when he is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and shipped in a charity crate to Africa. At nightfall, the children ask him about the true meaning of Christmas. Robo Knight tells them he doesn’t know much, but that it’s about being nicer, doing the right thing, and giving each other gifts. Can’t argue with that. Also includes two episodes unrelated to Christmas — Wildforce: Carnival and Jungle Fury: Spirit of Kindness.

Pee-Wees Playhouse Complete Blu-ray12. Pee-wee’s Playhouse: The Complete Series Blu-ray Set

Released Oct. 21, 2014 | Shout! Factory | 8-BD Set | Buy on Amazon

Mecka-lecka hi, Mecka-hiney ho! Scream along to the secret word with Pee-wee Herman and his pals: Jambi the Genie, Miss Yvonne, Cowboy Curtis, Reba the mail lady, Captain Carl, Magic Screen, Conky, Globey, Chairry, Pterri, Randy and all the rest. Winner of an amazing 22 Emmy® Awards, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” is a cultural touchstone for a generation, and its visually dynamic design and offbeat sense of humor were a genuine phenomenon. Whether reliving childhood memories or introducing this beloved series to a new generation, the newly re-mastered series is an essential Blu-ray collection for loyal fans and collectors. Includes all 45 wacky episodes, plus the “Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special,” all meticulously remastered from the original film elements and now in beautiful high-definition.

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