Commercial Break: McConaughey Talks Balance in Lincoln Ad

Lincoln McConaughey 2

I love these Lincoln commercials with Matthew McConaughey spouting all sorts of wise words of advice. You know what would be really fun, though? If they arranged for a regular hard-working stiff like me to go for a ride-along for their next ad. Then Matthew could tell us the secret of life. That’s the ticket. I’m available any time, Matthew, and I promise to help spread the love.

But seriously, Lincoln has figured out how to get people’s attention. Hire Matthew with his smooth, meditative voice to lull us into a false sense of thinking we can actually afford a Lincoln, and pair it with new agey music, not unlike the finale minutes of “Six Feet Under” and Sia’s “Breathe Me.” Then we, too, will be wise and thoughtful.

Here’s the latest Lincoln commercial, in which Matthew chats with no one in particular about balance (who IS he talking to anyway?). “It’s not about hugging trees. It’s not about being wasteful either. Just gotta find that balance … where takin’ care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself … that’s the sweet spot…”

I can’t argue with that. Good way to start the new year. Bring it, 2015.


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