‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Gets 12th Season on Fox

"So You Think You Can Dance" season 11 on Fox
“So You Think You Can Dance” season 11 on Fox

“So You Think You Can Dance” is my favorite show on television. It means a great deal to this former dancer and dance instructor to see some of the country’s finest dancers and choreographers celebrated in a way that puts them front and center rather than behind someone else, as is usually the case. Season 11’s ratings weren’t the best, so I’m thrilled that Fox will give the show a 12th season.

“Dancing With the Stars” seems to get more attention, but it doesn’t compare to SYTYCD. First, DWTS is all about ballroom. There is no hip-hop, no Bollywood, no contemporary choreography. Second, DWTS choreographers have to make their routines easier so that the non-dancer celebrities can keep up. Not so on SYTYCD. These are the best of the best, and they can perform truly amazing feats.

The 12th season, which airs in the summer of 2015, will have a new twist. They will choose the top 10 “stage” dancers – those who specialize in contemporary, ballet, jazz, or tap – and the top 10 “street” dancers – those who specialize in hip-hop, animation, or break dancing.

Maybe they have been criticized for having too many stage dancers in the past, but it’s hard for street dancers to compete with the amount of training stage dancers tend to have. Still, I enjoy all of the styles and will be interested to see how this change plays out.

Mostly, I’m just happy that dancers will get another season in the sun, and I hope more people watch so that the show continues. It’s a platform unlike any other. Take a look at one of the routines below with Valerie Rockey and season 11 winner, Ricky Ubeda, who will soon join the cast of “On the Town” on Broadway.






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