Geico Horror Commercial 2We all know people do stupid things in horror movies, right? Who among us hasn’t yelled these words at the screen while watching a horror movie?

  • Don’t run up the stairs to escape!
  • Don’t go in the basement!
  • Don’t go in the water!
  • Don’t split up! Stay together!
  • Why are you staying in that house?! It’s haunted!
  • Don’t try to outrun the giant monster!
  • Check the back seat before you drive away!

Now we can add, “Don’t hide behind the chainsaws!” Because the genius minds at Geico have given us a commercial that’s everything we’ve been thinking for years.

And don’t you just love the look on the face of the serial killer? You can just hear him thinking, “These people are sooooo stupid. It’s not even a challenge.”



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