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Dancing With the Stars: Top 5 Dances – 19×6

Jonathan and Allison Jazz DWTSDang, dance fans, it’s another disappointing result on “Dancing with the Stars.” One of my favorite people (though not necessarily favorite dancers) goes home, as the weakest dancer survives another cut.

It’s “Muy Caliente Monday,” and performer/guest judge Pitbull is looking for “hot” to go with his opening “Fireball” number. Too bad he’s not a terrific judge, frequently admitting that he doesn’t know anything about dancing, and not saying much of use. I wish they’d stick to the experts as judges and not just choose the latest product to promote.

Pitbull isn’t the only guest tonight, as Leah Remini fills in for Erin Andrews, who’s at the World Series. Leah is a crazy host, but she’s also entertaining, especially when she channels SNL’s veteran reporter Herb Welch.

Here are my Top 5 dances for tonight:

Jonathan and Allison’s Jazz: Jonathan definitely gets his mojo back for this routine. It’s clean and sharp, and Allison provides good choreography with interesting lifts. Yes, he looks slightly uncomfortable and is clearly concentrating, but he’s dancing well.

Sadie and Mark’s Rumba: This is absolutely gorgeous. Sadie is afraid of being too sexy in the rumba, and Mark wants to respect her wishes, so he keeps it clean and romantic. The choreography is lovely and sweet but still challenging, and Sadie is a wonderful, mature-looking dancer. Her arms are gorgeous as she stretches from her torso out through her fingers. Now she needs to work on her feet a little more. She should also be wearing heels, but she’ll probably be taller than Mark in heels, so perhaps that’s why she’s not wearing them. I love Julianne’s comments: “sexy” often ends up as “raunchy,” and it doesn’t need to be. I wish they’d consider that with more of their dances—especially with their Solid Gold dancers, who are all t and a.

Michael and Emma’s Argentine Tango: I’ve said before that I’ve rarely met a tango I didn’t like. I thought this performance might finally be the exception, but this is definitely Michael’s best dance so far. Emma still does twice as much moving as Michael does, but he looks comfortable and dances well. He still seems to have no concept of where her waist is, and that final kiss grosses me out, but the rest of the routine is quite nice.

Bethany and Derek’s Tango: Wow, Bethany continues to impress. Though definitely not tango music, this dance is terrific: tons of good content, fun choreography (love those swivel moves in hold), and she looks amazing—and they had limited time to rehearse this week as they flew to Australia for a YouTube convention. She has one tiny slip, I’m guessing because her skirt is a tad too long, and it’s unfortunate, because it’s otherwise a flawless routine. The crazy mirror ball dress is a bit much, but she looks fantastic.

Alfonso and Witney’s Salsa: What a fun salsa, especially considering both dancers are injured. Alfonso is just so much fun to watch. He’s highly entertaining, and dances really well, and that salsa is lightening-fast. I agree with Julianna that there’s more hip-hop than salsa in the routine, but it’s such fun, and so sharp and clean. Yes, they have trouble with the final trick, probably because it’s how Witney got injured in dress rehearsal, but the rest of the routine is pretty flawless.

The Rest:

Janel and Val’s Samba: I don’t fully understand, nor do I buy, the drama in the package, but the routine is good. It does seem a little slow and very long, and some sort of breakdown happens part way through because it gets messy, but the side-by-side part is great fun. Love her little cancan boots too.

Tommy and Peta’s Fox Trot: I’m so happy to see Tommy take a shot at ballroom, and he does a great job. I don’t know why Peta feels the need to put so many side by side passages in there, and they don’t do him any favors. He looks terrific in closed position—but totally freaky in that sweat lodge. It’s fun to see Cloris Leachman again though.

Antonio and Cheryl’s Salsa: They pull out a really nice routine, especially after a tough week (I certainly hope Cheryl’s dad is ok). She creates a good atmosphere with the choreography (though their attempt at salsa rueda doesn’t quite work) and Antonio dances his best so far.

Lea and Artem’s Salsa: Lea does a great job, especially at the beginning, but her sexy face isn’t quite working for me, and the choreography goes over the top. I agree with Carrie Ann: Lea should do what’s best for her and not compare herself to the others.

Over the course of the evening, they reveal that Janel and Val, Jonathan and Allison, and Michael and Emma are in jeopardy. I’m already sad for Jonathan, and surprised to see Janel there, but I’m hoping both of them will be safe. Alas no, they reveal that Michael and Emma are safe, so either way, the result is not going to be ideal as one of the better dancers goes home. Emma may be saddled with weak links year after year, but somehow she ends up with contestants with surprisingly loyal fanbases. Tom Bergeron finally reveals that America has failed me again, because Jonathan and Allison are leaving.

So what do you think, dance fans? Are you also sad that Jonathan and Allison are leaving? What did you think of Pitbull’s judging? Did you like Leah’s hosting style, or did you miss Erin? Which are your favorite dances tonight? Let me know in the comments.


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