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Wow, so far season 7 of “Castle” has been great! Yes, I know this was only the second episode, but they have really been good, don’t you agree?

This week, Beckett, Castle and the gang were in full force trying to figure out what on earth happened to him. I’m still confused, but like how they are having this play out. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but at least Espo is on board now. As I said last week, I was a little irked that he presumed Castle was guilty (of ditching out of the wedding and shady dealings) after knowing him for so long.

In a TV interview, Castle was taken by surprise when the interviewer started accusing him of disappearing for a publicity stunt (his latest book sales were down). Castle, in return, decided to offer $250,000 for any information about his disappearance. Nice. Although that brought on a lot of “fake” calls – one who claimed he and Castle had been abducted by a spaceship –  made me laugh.

Yes, there was another case going on, too. A man was found floating in the river with his face and hands scrubbed clean of DNA. Who and why? He was a toy store CEO involved in drug smuggling – which was a pretty good story. The best part of that storyline was how the grieving wife dealt with her husband’s death and not knowing what happened or why. The writers made the story relevant to Castle and Beckett’s story. Through the investigation, Castle started to realize what Beckett and his family had gone through – and Beckett showed us her emotions.

Always entertaining was Martha, who found a date from her grief counseling (yes, she had been affected, too). There’s always a bright side to things with her. It’s good that we saw the family deal with issues from Castle’s two months away.

Beckett did confide in Lanie and told her there was a shadow between her and Castle. Beckett still had her doubts – although pretty hidden. We know she loves him and really wants to believe him – which she should until proven otherwise.

After some good police work, Castle and Alexis went to Montreal where they hoped a key to a safety deposit box would unlock the mystery. Well, it did unlock some questions. I was a little scared for him to open the box, and then when computer memory cards were found, I was really scared … and then he and Beckett watched the one left for her. He said, “If you’re watching this, I must be dead … know I loved you … always…” Geez, what was going on with him! Still don’t know.

The one thing we do know is that something bad happened to Castle when he was 11 years old – something he wanted hidden forever, something he said he didn’t want to know. “They” (who are “they”?) went to great lengths to keep it hidden.

“Some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.” I really liked that line – gulp.

Whatever happened is why Castle became a mystery writer! I can’t wait to hear what it is, can you? I really have no idea, but it’s gonna be good, you can count on that!

After the case of the murdered CEO was solved and Castle was back from Montreal, he and Beckett laid in bed talking about the past and future – things were still not right. Castle said he wanted to get married the next day, but Beckett said they needed time – a month. He agreed.

Neither of them looked like they were happy – not with each other, but about the unknown. What was Castle’s hidden dark secret? I just hope that they do get married in “a month.” I’m just wondering how Castle’s secret – whatever it is – will affect all of his relationships.

Oh, and I’m happy about Espo and Lanie, aren’t you?

What do you think about the first two episodes? What do you think the secret is? Will Beckett and Castle get married in a month? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. you are reading a lot into episode 2 that I find interesting. However, I don’t think what Castle told Jenkins about what happened when he was 11, has anything to do with what he was into now. He just told him something from his past that nobody else would know then if anything happened jenkins could repeat the “secret” back and he would know what Jenkins told him about what he was into now was accurate!. A safe word so to speak. You also think Kate should accept his word when all evidence is to the contrary! Hey she loves the guy but she isn’t stupid. Anyone would and should have doubts under these circumstances! Love may be blind but it doesn’t have to be deaf and dumb too! That’s what I like about the series, Kate is a strong,intelligent woman, they havn’t made her into a love struck teenager (at least not yet) loving a person, even very deeply doesn’t mean you become an idiot! Anyway we will see how it goes! Might be a very intriguing season ahead!

    • Nice comment – you are right, Kate is a strong and intelligent woman, and yes love can be blind. Yes, she should have some doubt, but she knows Castle – I think – unless the show-runner has some big surprise for us! – The whole thing is very strange that’s for sure, and I guess I would have doubts if it were me – I’m just being a romantic. I still am very curious about how and if what happened when he was 11 ties into his life today? It would be sort of fun if it were some huge event – which is how they are making it look. I agree, this may be a very intriguing season. Thanks for your comment.


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