Castle Recap: ‘Driven’ – Season 7 Premiere


In the season seven premiere of “Castle,” we pick up where we left off from season six: Beckett looking over a ravine where Castle’s car is a burning inferno. The opening scene was great, and Stana Katic is excellent portraying the horror and anguish that Beckett felt. How amazing (and sad) was it when she got to the bottom and sank to the ground, then in slow motion as the firemen spraying the wreckage, she also was doused with water – but she didn’t care because she thought Castle was dead. (By the way, she looked stunning in that dress).

The team bounces into action, finding evidence that Castle’s car was forced off the road by a black SUV. After finding a trail of someone being dragged up the hill, they conclude that he’s been kidnapped.

But later, as the case and story unfolds, Esposito starts to think Castle is mixed up in the whole thing. They found a video tape of Castle tossing a bag of money ($10,000) into a garage bin — pay-off money to crush the SUV. Whatever happened, the perps didn’t want any evidence left behind. This was weird, and I was trying to figure out how and why Castle would be involved. Where is this storyline going?

It gets more and more confusing (in a good way). Jump ahead and Castle has been missing for two months. Espo, as well as the FBI, are pretty sure Castle has some bad stuff going on. Beckett really tries to keep the faith, but after Castle is found drifting off the Delaware coast in a small boat, and a tent with his belongings (including his wedding tux)  is found on an island, she really starts to doubt him.

When she confronts Martha and Alexis about it, they won’t hear of it. They believe in him, and I was hoping at that point that Kate did, too. This is such a crazy and interesting plot.

After Castle wakes up, he only remembers the crash. He is shocked about what has supposedly transpired over the past two months. He tries to convince Kate that he really doesn’t remember anything (even though the doctor said there was really nothing wrong with him). She isn’t sure.


At the end of the show, they’re together at his home, but each knows they can’t just pick up where they left off – and they both verbalize it.

I am very curious to see where this is going and what it’s all about. Does it have to do with his past? Is it someone that he helped put away? Does it have to do with his dad? Your guess is as good as mine.

A few notes:

Disappointed that Espo quickly jumped to the conclusion that Castle was in on the whole thing.

Happy that Ryan believed in Castle.

Thought Stana delivered a wonderful performance in this episode.

Wondering when they will actually get married!

What did you think of the season premiere? Was it as good as you had hoped? What do you think happened to Castle? Weigh in below! 






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