TV Violence: Which Shows Make the Grade?

Breaking Bad 1I’ve been feeling complacent in my writing lately, so decided to pitch a few stories here and there to break out of my rut. Today I’ve got a story in the New York Observer on TV violence. You can check it out here (their #Bodyhack hashtag is super clever).

I’ve been pondering the issue of TV violence for years, mainly since I’ve had children (they’re now 20 and 17). I never used to watch violent shows; it just wasn’t in my nature. But along came “The Sopranos,” the first show I watched that was truly violent. And then came “Breaking Bad,” “True Blood” and other shows over the years.

But not every show makes the grade. Because there’s SO much violence on TV these days, I’ve found I really have to pick and choose which shows I watch, and came up with a formula of sorts, that I talk about in the New York Observer story.

How do you guys pick and choose what you watch? Does anything go when it comes to TV violence, or are you selective?


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