Week 1 – Foxtrot – Julianne Hough to Lea: “Beautiful, it was so beautiful, it made me so happy…”

Week 2 – Jive – Bruno to Lea: “Viva la Lea.  You have the incandescent appeal of Ann-Margret in her prime.”

Wow! Those are amazing compliments for Lea Thompson on “Dancing With the Stars,” and you know what? She deserves them! Lea is best know for her role as Lorraine Baines in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, but also has a long list of movies, including “All the Right Moves” (with Tom Cruise), “Jaws 3,” “Howard the Duck,” “Some Kind of Wonderful,” and also the hit shows “Caroline in the City” and “Switched at Birth,” to name a few.

The amazing thing is that Lea, a fellow Baby Boomer,” is one of the early stand-outs on the dance floor. Lea is 53. Yes, you read that right – 53 years old – but she looks and acts like she’s 20 years younger. Her foxtrot was elegant and beautiful, while her jive fiery and youthful!

I think she has a great appeal to all ages, but really hope the younger viewers can and will embrace her. With all of the social media nowadays, it’s hard when contestants like Bethany Mota (who I do like) have a gazillion followers on Twitter and YouTube. Come on, Taylor Swift, give Lea a shout-out too!

All I can say is that I’m really proud of her and look forward to her enthusiasm and performance every week. I grew up with her (being only a few years younger) and feel like I am one of “her people.” I’m also a mom and love, love how great she’s doing. I’m hoping all of you see that, too!

Go Lea, you’ve got my votes!

Oh, and Artem isn’t too bad either! What a doll.

How do you think Lea’s doing? Are you loving her on “Dancing With the Stars”? Leave thoughts in the comments below!


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