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Dancing With the Stars: Top 5 Dances – 19×3

Randy Karina DWTSWow, can you believe it, dance fans? Only week three on “Dancing with the Stars” and we’ve already had two perfect scores! That’s a pretty crazy result, but it makes for an even more spectacular Movie Night.

Yep, our stars are reliving their (presumably) favorite movies tonight, from “Rocky,” “Ghost,” and “Austin Powers” to “Up” and of course “Back to the Future.” Lea’s the only one who has to do a movie she’s associated with, but hopefully she chose to do it too. At least they’re not all owned by Disney.

After a cute group number paying homage to the many outfits of Marilyn Monroe, we’re reminded that we’re back to one episode a week. So along with a full night of dancing, we also say goodbye to one more couple.

But first we’re introduced to the guest judge, Kevin Hart, who’s filling in for Len Goodman while promoting his new movie “The Wedding Ringer,” with Josh Gad. Hart doesn’t have any dance knowledge that I know of, but he’s entertaining, especially in the way he awards scores. I’m surprised he still has a voice left at the end of the night.

It’s a tough choice this week, but here’s My Top 5 dances for Movie Night:

Alfonso and Witney’s “Austin Powers Goldmember” Quickstep: Alfonso’s adorable son participates as his Mini Me for this clean and very full quickstep. There’s a lot of content in the routine and Alfonso does it very well, despite the lack of quickstep music. The choreography includes what’s turning out to be the move du jour this season: the woman does a body roll in a bent over position while the man slides his hand down her back to her butt. The company has been doing that move a few too many times now (including in the hand jive Kevin and Josh Gad do), and I’m getting tired of the groping. But the rest of the quickstep is lovely.

Betsey and Tony’s “Ghost” Contemporary: Oh my goodness, Betsey is incredible! She must have had some dance training or experience in her past, and obviously still does yoga or something. She’s in amazing shape! Carrie Ann is right: Betsey’s dancing is confusing because she looks like she’s 22, not 72. Incredible. She needs to make sure not to let her arms bend or fall between movements and instead flow from one movement to the next, but otherwise, it’s quite beautiful.

Sadie and Mark’s “Up” Viennese Waltz: No dance experience, my butt. I don’t believe for a second that Sadie never danced before (though Julianne is right that Sadie needs to work on her arms). This Viennese waltz is so lovely and sweet, with great choreography from Mark that Sadie performs very well. It’s adorabubble! I can’t help but smile, and I love that it’s not pop music too. This might be my favorite dance of the night.

Janel and Val’s “West Side Story” Jazz: I’d really like to know more about this rights issue they’re facing. Did Jerome Robbins copyright his movements? Or are there just severe restrictions on the film? I’m also surprised to see America as their song; I expected it to be Cool. Perhaps they needed to change songs because of the copyright issues.

There’s a bit too much set up in the routine, but once they finally get into it, it’s terrific. Good choreography and she handles the movements very well. But I also know that she’s currently in a musical in Los Angeles now (For the Record: BAZ) so it doesn’t surprise me. What is surprising is they earn the first perfect score of the season with four 10s. As much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t quite think it deserved 10s just yet.

Tommy and Peta’s “Scent of a Woman” Argentine Tango: Man, I was excited last week when Tommy said he used to go to salsa clubs, but to see that he clearly has experience with Argentine tango too? Awesome! That must have been really fun for Peta too, regardless of what they may have said in the package. Ballroom tango is totally different from Argentine tango and I don’t know how much experience she actually has with Argentine. I have to say, I’m enjoying Peta a whole lot more this season. She’s really great when she’s just having fun and not trying to turn on the fake romance.

You probably know by now that I adore Argentine tango, and I almost always list it among my Top 5. Tonight is definitely no exception—certainly not with Yoda, as Carrie Ann calls Tommy. I absolutely agree: it looks very authentic with him, the way he flies across the floor. He’s totally the real deal. Yes, his age shows a little in one or two quick moments, and Peta needs to keep up with him, but mostly it’s terrific. Tommy’s clearly having so much fun on this show, and so is Peta.

The Rest:

Randy & Karina’s “Eye of the Tiger” Paso Doble: Randy’s a gruff looking guy, but he otherwise doesn’t add any character to the dance, and worse, he looks nervous. Not his best dance.

Lea and Artem’s “Back to the Future” Cha-cha: I still love adorable Lea but this is definitely not her best dance. There are some awkward moments, even before the hand slip, and the pair just don’t mesh. She still has great leg movements though.

Michael and Emma’s “Robin Hood” Waltz: This is definitely his best dance, and he’s getting better, but that’s not saying much. He needs to keep his chest up though, especially when stepping into the waltz, and please watch the placement of his hand on her torso.

Antonio and Cheryl’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Fox Trot: Antonio has lots of fun with this dance, which makes it more entertaining for us, but the music isn’t fox trot music, and I wanted a bit more content. It also looks like Cheryl’s getting caught up in her dress a bit.

Jonathan and Allison’s “The Great Gatsby” Tango: There’s lots of great content in this tango, and adorable, wide-eyed Jonathan is a terrific dancer. There are a couple odd moments, but no obvious mistakes. Beautiful dress on Allison too.

Bethany and Derek’s “Singing in the Rain” Jazz: The couple work with Gene Kelly’s wife Patricia for this lovely homage, and the resulting dance is terrific—and very tough for me not to include in my Top 5. Like Janel and Val though, I’m not sure it deserves another perfect score, despite being very well done.

Eventually we learn that Antonio and Cheryl, Randy and Karina, and Jonathan and Allison are in trouble. While it’s again not too surprising who is eliminated, I’m also very happy that it’s Randy leaving. It’s definitely not time for Jonathan, or Allison, to leave yet.

So what do you think, dance fans? Did America get it right? How did you like Movie Night? Are you sorry Jonathan didn’t do a “Mean Girls” homage? Who were your favorites tonight? And which couples do you want to see do the switcharoo?



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