Comic-Con: ‘Firefly’ Cast Members to Reunite Online!




Browncoats rejoice! It looks like the cast of “Firefly” will reunite (in some capacity) in the online ‘verse for a multi-player game.

The game itself was announced at last year’s Comic-Con, and while it will launch first on tablets and smartphone platforms, there are plans in the works to launch the game elsewhere. The official website is, but it doesn’t look like anyone is manning the cockpit, as I’ve gotten errors every time I tried to go to the site.

Our friends over at i09 report that all the cast members will reprise their roles for the game, including Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds and Prairie Harpy Kaylee Frye, played by Jewel Staite. Even Alan Tudyk will reprise his role as Serenity’s pilot, Wash, though Tudyk will take on several roles in the game (seeing as — SPOILER ALERT! — his character bit the big one in the show’s feature film, “Serenity”).

The game will allow players to assemble their own crew, complete missions and barter with others online for items needed in gameplay. While there will be a central storyline to the game, producers are developing branching storylines for the ‘verse.

Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix are developing the online role-playing game.

Are you singing “Firefly’s” catchy theme song yet? I thought so.






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  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I do love that theme song. One of my alltime favorites.

    Can’t get into their site either. It’s probably crashed from all the people trying to get in there.

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