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Calling all kids (and parents looking for family-friendly web shows)! Original live-action and animated fun from Dreamworks can now be found on YouTube. Dreamworks Animation has launched its YouTube channel, DreamworksTV, and the channel promises to deliver a number of original “laugh-out-loud funny” short web series that should appeal to a broad range of kids.

And to add to the fun, some favorite Dreamworks characters – Shrek, anyone? – have now started new careers as DreamworksTV vloggers!

New web series include “Prank My Parents” and “Record Setter Kids,” live-action, kid-friendly versions of reality shows. “Prank My Parents” is a hidden-camera show that lets kids play tricks on their parents, while “Record Setter Kids” features kids setting wacky records from all over the country.

Original animated series include: “Jimmy Blue Shorts,” an animated sketch comedy hosted by – yes – talking blue shorts; “Gorillaville,” a slapstick comedy featuring three gorillas wreaking havoc in their idyllic wildlife preserve; “Report Card,” a stop motion news show; “Public Pool,” a comedy about happenings at a local pool; and “Fifi Cat Therapist,” a cat who plays therapist to all the neighborhood animals.

As for me, well, I’m really looking forward to “Richie Rich,” based on the comic book character of the same name, which will make its debut this summer. I have very fond memories of reading (and collecting) Richie Rich comics as a kid, and I’m hoping Dreamworks’ original scripted series will do the comic books justice.

And now, here’s vlogger Shrek, who’s sure to make kids want to floss in this video (or … well, maybe not, depending on how much they like the gross-out factor!).


  1. I LOVE this channel! Just watched a few things and it was all I could do to tear myself away and get back to work. It’s really fun, and great for both kids and grownups. Thanks for alerting us.


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