Bones Recap: The Drama in the Queen – 9×23


We are so close to the big finale of “Bones” – and big it’s going to be after seeing the clips for it! I’m worried and excited, because I know it’s going to be another huge cliffhanger!

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First things first. In “The Drama in the Queen,” Booth is stuck studying before he testifies in front of the Congressional sub-committee, and Sweets is assigned to lead the investigation of a new case – the death of a community college swim coach.

The man is found in a well, and the team investigates. An over zealous, protocol-obsessed Sweets pulls what Hodgins describes as a “Brennan” (on Cam) – sometimes stating the obvious. It was funny, and Bones wanted to know if that was a compliment!

At the lab, a new squint, Jessica Warren, becomes quickly annoying to all, especially Bones and Sweets. She likes to go with a “vibe” when determining things – something Brennan doesn’t like. When she determines that the victim was an athlete, Brennan is impressed. Sweets, not so much.

They figure out the victim’s ID – he was a swim coach for a community college – Brian Thomas. Sweets meets with the wife who said they hadn’t seen each other much as of late.

While going to visit the college, Sweets lets Bones know he thinks she should get rid of the new squint. Brennan doesn’t agree. At the college, they tell the swimmers that the coach is dead; they are upset. They find out that Brian was seeing a lot of another coach, Gabby Morrell. She said she wasn’t having an affair with him, but thinks he was with some other woman.

Back at the lab, Jessica tells Hodgins (of course, he loves it) that he could use pineapple to remove stains from the bones. Cam is not amused. Jessica did find lots of trauma to the bones that would cause the victim to become paralyzed. Okay, she’s not bad, but she doesn’t do anything for me. Call me crazy, but I still like Daisy. She and Sweets have a much better chemistry, don’t you think?

Brennan figures out that Thomas had a foot injury – common to women who wear high heels. Booth takes a break and goes with her to find out where Thomas had been going. It turns out it wasn’t a restaurant like they thought, but a club for drag queens. Brennan recognizes a picture of Thomas on the wall. B & B find out that “Kimmy” was mad at “Jenny” (Thomas) for taking her (his) spot at the club. So, of course Kimmy was a suspect.

At the lab, Sweets apologizes to Jessica for things he has said to her. She forgives him and tells him to pick her up for dinner. Way to go, Jess.

It was sort of sad when Mrs. Thomas said she didn’t know why Brian never told her he liked being a drag queen – she loved him the way he was. Sweets felt bad for her.

They find out that the killer is Quentin, a swimmer and student (who was having trouble hearing at the beginning of the episode). He fired a gun in the pool to shield the noise. He killed him because Thomas caught him cheating on a mid-term! Really, you’re going to kill someone for that?! How about studying for it?!

What about Sweets and Jessica in bed? Hey, it was time he got a little fun, right?

Next week is the big finale! Are you ready?

What did you think of this episode of “Bones”? Sometimes there is a lot going on. Do you like the new squint?






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  2. Bones Recap: The Drama in the Queen – 9×23

  3. Bones Recap: The Drama in the Queen – 9×23

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