Lucky in Love: Deidre Hall

TV Movie Review: Hallmark Channel’s ‘Lucky in Love’

Lucky in Love
Jessica Szohr and Ben Hollingsworth of “Lucky in Love” | Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel seems to churn out the romantic movies of the week as fast as ABC churns out Bachelors and Bachelorettes, but at least one is more enjoyable to watch than the other.

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In Hallmark’s latest release, “Lucky in Love,” our heroine, Mira (Jessica Szohr, @iamjessicaszohr) is a junior dotcom executive with delusions of grandeur, but her fantasies come to fruition when a trifecta of April Fool’s jokes she pulls comes true.

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Her reality is working in a cubicle farm alongside her buddy, Jonah (Ben Hollingsworth, @hollingsworthb) while trying to impress the higher ups. Of course, Jonah has been crushing on Mira forever, and everyone knows it except her.

After she pulls a couple of April Fool’s pranks on her friends and family, she is shocked when they start coming true. A chance encounter with her CEO (Deidre Hall, @deidrehall) gets her a huge promotion and with it her dream condo.

Then a run-in with a hot guy off the cover of a magazine she was reading leads to a mutual attraction and a variety of dates, much to Jonah’s dismay.

But everything comes with a caveat, and the fast-paced stress of her newfound position takes its toll on her once-friendly personality and her relationships. She’s not liking what she’s become, but how does she get back what she once had and who she once was?

It’s a shame they nerded up Ben Hollingsworth, but I guess they had to for his character not to be noticed by Mira. Based on his Twitter pics (@hollingsworthb), he’s much more handsome than portrayed in the film, and would easily catch every girl’s eye at the office.

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This particular movie of the week doesn’t make it into my top ten of Hallmark movies, though it’s cute and typical of Hallmark’s rom-coms. I guess this is partly because I’m still ruminating over the recent season finale of “When Calls the Heart,” and it’ll be hard to top that one for awhile.

I guess Hallmark Channel took their own card slogan to heart – “When you care enough to send the very best.” It’s nice to see a network provide romantic movies and television series that can still fall under the “family fare” genre, that they care enough to send their audience the very best in family television.


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