Fire City: Interpreter of Signs

Set Visit: ‘Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs’

Fire City: Interpreter of SignsI was invited to the set of “Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs” recently to watch the production in action. Their location scout found the perfect older building south of Los Angeles for the 18-day shoot and turned it into a rundown apartment building. I can’t recommend moving in, as there are demons living in that dump! Good news – they can check out now because it’s in the can.

Screenwriter/producer partners Michael Hayes and Brian Lubocki will be heading to Cannes to meet with distributors waiting to see the sizzle reel. As a thank-you, the team invited Kickstarter backers to participate in a crowd scene. If you missed out in the beginning, here’s your chance to get into the movie biz and receive an executive producer credit on the film by purchasing points now.

Demon Touchup
Demon Touch-Up

Originally born out of an idea for a web series, “Fire City” took on a life of its own, becoming a multi-platform franchise in the making. Besides a four-film franchise, further planned content includes video games, mobile apps, graphic novels and a 91-card demon tarot deck.

With Academy Award-winning FX great Tom Woodruff Jr. as first-time director, the production ran smoothly and on schedule. I’ve never seen setups done so quickly. I got to see the masks and figures used in this film, kind of like being at an FX museum.

The amount of talent in front of and behind the camera is impressive and a sure recipe for future job security. Among some of the notables are veteran line producer Dennis Stuart Murphy, Academy Award-winning creature/FX artist Dave Elsey, and “Face Off” Season 4 finalist Wayne Anderson.

Cast in lead roles are Tobias Jelinek who appeared in “Hocus Pocus,” “The Young and Restless” and “Shameless,” and Danielle Chuchran, of “Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat” as the Interpreter.

Also joining the cast is well-known character actor and son of Stan, Matt Winston; Harry Shum, Jr. from “Glee”; former “Next Top Model” contestant Kimberly Leemans; and the always working Eric Edwards, who played Pearl in the action vampire flick, “Blade.”

In the meantime, follow “Fire City” on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to keep up with developments as they occur. And if you’d like to own a piece of “Fire City,” email to find out more.

Demons on Set


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