NCIS Recap: Crescent City part 2 – 11×19

ncis-s11e19-340The last episode of the “NCIS” two-parter set in New Orleans aired this week. Overall, I liked it. It was fun to see our team work with another “NCIS” team again. It’s been a few years since that happened.

And I wouldn’t be opposed to a repeat of this collaboration. Would I watch the spin-off? Probably not. Unless I hear it’s really, really good. Then, I might give it a try. But if some of these characters were to return on “NCIS” every now and then, I think I’d enjoy that.

I could totally see Pride and Gibbs as probies, working with Franks, McLane, and Bets. I imagine it was good times for them.

At the start of this episode, another body is found. The victim is killed in the same way as “the priveleged killer’s” victims. The only difference is that this victim doesn’t fit the profile. Gibbs says he was probably killed because he saw something.

As I mentioned last week, I suspected that Victor Lorta, the man they arrested all those years ago, was innocent, and it was really the original killer who was behind the more recent murders. I reckon most viewers guessed that. And we guessed it right. But as it turns out, McLane took a bribe; he knew they put away the wrong man. I didn’t guess that. Did you?

McLane knew who the killer was, framed another man, and was silent for a long time. The theory is that he was going to talk, but the killer’s father, Josef Hanlon, worked closely with McLane. He probably warned his son about this.

What I did find slightly disappointing is that the viewer’s didn’t “meet” the killer, Spencer Hanlon, until well into the second episode. I always prefer when it’s someone who was introduced early on, but you don’t suspect them until the last moment. I’m not saying this is bad writing. This simply has to do with taste.

I wish we’d learned more about Gibbs’s and Brody’s history. Last week, it became clear that they alreay knew each other. I really want to know under which circumstances they met. I mean, they probably just worked on a case together before, but now I want to know all about it!

Some random thoughts and facts:

  • I loved Doctor Loretta Wade!
  • The voodoo doll. I’m not sure whether it’s okay to use the expression here that came to mind with this … but I’ll give a hint: It was the title of the season 11 premiere. Firstly, why would Bishop send something to Tony but not McGee? Secondly, such a sad blow at Tony again, making him look ridiculous. [Insincere grin] Maybe it wasn’t serious at all, but I didn’t like it. I did think it was funny when Tony gave the doll a head slap.
  •  Yesterday, I read that the ratings were around 17 million for the last four weeks. I checked, and it’s not a complete rarity that they get 17 million viewers, but at least in the two previous seasons, that did not happen for four weeks in a row. Additionally, episodes quite regularly hit 20 or 21 million viewers in season 9 and 10. Season 11, so far, has never seen those numbers.

Overall, I thought these episodes were alright. They were fun to watch but it was nothing spectacular. I always have very high expectations when it’s a two-parter. I think what I missed was tension. The only moment that was a little bit worrisome, was when McGee was alone in that house with Josef Hanlon and realized a tad too late that he was in danger.

As always, I would love to hear what you think about this last “NCIS” episode. Feel free to comment below!


2 responses to “NCIS Recap: Crescent City part 2 – 11×19”

  1. Milton Wedman Avatar
    Milton Wedman

    I thought your review was very fair. I do agree with you about the Voodoo Doll. Michael Weatherly is a terrific actor, although this Season you could hardly tell that, even he can not pull off a stupid insensitive I guess it was ‘supposed to be joke’. And by the way, who would send their ‘mentor’ and I would say ‘direct Supervisor’ a gag gift? Oh, sure Bishop would. Because she is a nit wit and inappropriate on so many many levels. Would I watch NCIS NOLA – nope. I like Scott Bakula, but once Gibbs goes back to DC, that ‘bratha’ and his Team hold no special interest at all. The star of these two episodes was New Orleans – not the cast or story, which was dull at best. I fell asleep half way in, soooo??

    1. Dianne Lodder Avatar
      Dianne Lodder

      Hi Milton,
      Thank you for your comment!
      I semi agree with you on Michael Weatherly. I absolutely agree that he is a terrific actor. He deserves much, much more recognition, I believe. I wouldn’t say that you could hardly tell how good an actor he is throughout this whole season, though. In fact, I am inclined to say that Michael is 70% of what keeps this show going at the moment. But I do agree that his brilliance hasn’t shone through as much as we’ve gotten used to over the past few years. That, in my opinion, has everything to do with the absence of Ziva/Cote. Most of the scenes that demanded the most from Michael’s acting skills were the scenes between Tony and Ziva. Since she left, there simply hasn’t been as much “deep stuff”.
      Let’s just keep hoping for better times. It’s lucky that “NCIS” was already as successful a show as it was. They could take the hit of one less good season. But if it keeps going like this, I’m afraid things will really go downhill.

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