My Bionic Pet
Molly the pony, St. Rose, LA | Courtesy of Lizette Gesuden Producer: ©2014 THIRTEEN Productions LLC
My Bionic Pet
Driftwood the dog with prosthetic feet, Halifax, Nova Scotia | Courtesy of Lizette Gesuden
Producer: ©2014 THIRTEEN Productions LLC

If you enjoy tales of survival and perseverance, then don’t miss this week’s episode of “Nature,” My Bionic Pet,” premiering tomorrow, Wed., April 9, 8 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings).

From a baby pig named Chris P. Bacon to a swan who needs a new beak, the producers of “Nature” give you a behind-the-scenes look at the growing use of prosthetic devices in animals.

Two Warnings:

  1. Keep tissues handy. The stories are both sad and inspiring. 
  2. Be ready for graphic surgery images and video. I’m not squeamish, but if you are, be prepared for a handful of icky moments.

 Here’s a preview:

Being a well-established Dog Girl obsessed with border collies, I fell in love with Driftwood, a border collie puppy whose momma dog nibbled off his rear feet. You get to follow Driftwood throughout the process of getting prosthetic feet … and running — full-on puppy zoomies — for the first time. (Driftwood even has a Facebook page.)

But people who love horses, llamas, swans and alligators will find something to squee about too.

But are the animals happy? 

“My Bionic Pet” addresses that question and the words we use to describe people and pets who need/use prosthetic devices — challenging us to judge all living beings for the soul they bring into the world.

This one-hour documentary is well worth your time, if for no other reason than to see a tiny-tiny baby pig use his wheelchair made from kids’ toys for the first time. Check out Chris P. Bacon’s Facebook page.

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  1. Wow … really incredible. Way to go PBS. It’s true you do need tissues handy, but so important to see! We love our animals, dogs, cats, horses, and more . Life is so much better with them around, we should do anything we can to help them.


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