Oscars Selfie

Here’s That Oscars Selfie With Bradley, Jennifer, Meryl and More

Best Oscars in recent history. Between the pizza delivery, the amazing performances by Bette, Pharrell, Idina, U2 and Pink, the fun hosting by Ellen, and the general feeling of love in the room, I feel like there was a party going on there.

And here’s that super fun Oscars Selfie that broke Twitter. Best.Selfie.Ever! Let’s see, there’s Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, and some other people I’m missing.

Oscars Selfie


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  2. Kim Strand Avatar
    Kim Strand

    I loved this selfie at the Oscars! SO fun!

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