March 7, 2014: What’s On TV Tonight?

Gucci the Director

What’s on TV tonight? Undercover Boss, Grimm, Blue Bloods, Hannibal and Hawaii Five-0. Also, Gucci: The Director airs on Showtime at 8 p.m. ET. Here’s the rundown.


Cold Justice | TNT
Billy Goat Hill (Chattanooga, TN)
The 1997 murder of a mother of two is investigated.

Gold Rush: Pay Dirt | DSC
Go Big or Go Home
Parker gets help from an unlikely source.

Gucci: The Director | SHOe
An intimate portrait of Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini, explores her life and her influence on the iconic Italian fashion house.

Jessie | DISNEY
Snack Attack
Jessie tries to impress a famous casting director in the park by volunteering to help his daughter befriend the Ross kids.

Last Man Standing | ABC
Eve’s Boyfriend
Eve gets a new beau and is reluctant to talk about him until Vanessa prods her to share details. However, her sisters grow alarmed when they discover that Eve and her boyfriend will be participating in the same Junior ROTC overnight-camping trip.

Undercover Boss | CBS
Undercover Employee
Three previously featured bosses each send an employee undercover to evaluate their companies. The CEOs are: Amit Kleinberger (Menchie’s); Randy Dewitt (Twin Peaks); and Steve Greenbaum (PostNet).

WWE SmackDown | Syfy
Big Show returns with a vengeance.

Disney Mickey Mouse | starts at: 8:25 | DISNEY
The Adorable Couple
Mickey and Minnie try to cheer up a gloomy Donald and Daisy.


Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog | DISNEY
I Want My Nikki Back, Nikki Back, Nikki Back
Tyler tries to get Nikki back as his girlfriend and asks Avery to help him.

The Neighbors | starts at: 8:31 | ABC
Balle Balle!
Larry plans a Bollywood dance as a wedding gift when he’s invited to a traditional Indian ceremony by a coworker at the coffee shop, but Marty and Debbie worry about how it will be received.


Bellator MMA: From Thackerville, Okla. | SPIKE
From Thackerville, Okla.
Action in Thackerville, Okla., is headlined by Eduardo Dantas vs. Anthony Leone for the bantamweight title. Also: heavyweight quarterfinals, including Lavar Johnson vs. Ryan Martinez.

Enlisted | FOX
Parade Duty

Gold Rush | DSC
Grandpa’s Last Wish

Grimm | NBC
Mommy Dearest
A monstrous predator goes after a couple who are friends with Wu, and Nick and Hank must figure out how to deal with a delicate situation after Wu witnesses something unexplainable. Meanwhile, Adalind is pursued by enemies as she prepares to give birth.

Hawaii Five-0 | CBS
Hoku Welowelo (Fire in the Sky)
Five-0 investigates a triple homicide that is connected to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite. Meanwhile, Grover takes Danny’s mother on a ride-along.

Say Yes to the Dress | TLC
No Room for Compromise
A bride’s Roaring ’20s affair has her looking for a suitable gown; a bride’s parents disagree with her idea for a sexy dress; a bride adds a personal touch to her gown at her fitting.

Shark Tank | ABC – EDITOR’S PICK
Mark Cuban gives a mechanical engineer from San Francisco a tongue-lashing; and parents from Los Angeles pitch babywear that’s designed to help caregivers keep track of busy crawlers. Also: an invention that could revolutionize shoe shining; a Rochester man’s idea for colorful modular laces; and an update on KaZAM balance bikes from Season 4.

The First 48 | A&E
Run and Gun; Lonesome Highway
A recent high-school graduate is gunned down in New Orleans; a woman’s body is found alongside a Dallas highway.

Inside Job | starts at: 9:01 | TNT
Candidates vie for a position at an online shoe company.


Raising Hope | FOX
Baby Phat
Burt and Virginia’s vacation at a resort recommended by Barney doesn’t meet their expectations; Jimmy and Sabrina think about giving Hope a sibling.

Say Yes to the Dress | TLC
It Fits, She Scores!
A baseball player’s fiancée wants a fancy dress to compliment her extravagant lifestyle; a sports fan hopes to hit a home run with her dress; a bride is counting on her boss to help her find the dress of her dreams.


Best Week Ever | VH1

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers | LIFE
Young, Hot, Single
Betty considers writing an autobiography, launches a new 24-hour energy drink and knits an unusual sweater.

Beyond Scared Straight | A&E
Douglas County, GA: A Family’s Loss
A troubled teen is killed while trying to pursue a better life.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | FOOD
Dynamite Duos
Guy meets with siblings in New York’s Lower East Side who pickle, smoke, cure and ferment everything from goat necks to chicken wings to pig ears. Also: Mediterranean favorites are prepared by a husband and wife in Eureka, Cal.; and a brother and sister in Miami dish out Low-Country cuisine, including whole-fried snapper and beer-braised baby back ribs.

Game of Stones | DSC
Himalayan Motherlode
Don searches for rare beryl in the Himalayas; and a fabled sapphire in India.

Helix | Syfy
Alan and Julia travel to an abandoned satellite station in a last-ditch effort to call for help. Once there, they come across the truth behind Hatake’s plan and Julia’s condition. Meanwhile, Dr. Jordan makes a startling discovery of her own, which could mean a cure for cancer.

Hello Ross | E!
The Bella Twins
The Bella Twins from “Total Divas” are on the guest list.

Something Borrowed, Something New | TLC
Whose Sari Now
A bride with an Indian fiancé hopes an Indian-fusion dress will please his family.

Blue Bloods | starts at: 10:01 | CBS
Insult to Injury
A woman calls the police and threatens to kill herself and the man who killed her parents, so Danny races to find her in time. Elsewhere, Frank goes on a field trip with Sean and tries to convince the lead chaperone to be less rigid with the kids.

Hannibal | starts at: 10:01 | NBC – EDITOR’S PICK
The team investigates a soupy crime scene as valuable evidence comes to the fore. Meanwhile, Hannibal sniffs out clues on his own; Will continues a quest to prove his innocence; Jack feels guilty for not protecting Will and goes to therapy. Gillian Anderson and Cynthia Nixon guest star.

Save Our Business | starts at: 10:01 | TNT
Kingi’s Kajukenbo
A California karate school receives a business makeover.


Betty White’s Off Their Rockers | LIFE
Betty invites the team to give her feedback and teaches her protégé how to give an acceptance speech.






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