Dancing With the Stars

What’s on TV tonight? Antiques Roadshow goes to Baton Rouge, Bones and Booth celebrate Christine’s first birthday on Bones, celebrities dance on Dancing With the Stars, and strange things happen on Bates Motel. Here’s the rundown.


Antiques Roadshow | PBS
Baton Rouge
Conclusion. In Baton Rouge, La., items include an early 19th-century Louisiana work table; a collection of Civil War Confederate letters; and a Porfirio Salinas oil, circa 1935, that was purchased for $100 in 1935 and is now worth $75,000. Also: a rare Civil War hand grenade is discussed during a visit to Port Hudson.

Basketball Wives LA | VH1
A Palm Springs vacation turns dramatic when Draya and Sunday have a full-blown feud. Also: Draya makes a tearful confession.

Bitten | Syfy
Elena enters into damage-control mode with Philip, who has become painfully aware of her romantic history with Clay; and later, breaks Pack law when the Mutts launch a coordinated attack in Toronto and threaten the human she loves.

Bones | FOX
The Carrot in the Kudzu
The investigation of the murder of a children’s TV icon takes a detour when his reputation for promiscuity emerges, which leads to a long list of unlikely suspects. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth get ready for Christine’s first birthday; and intern Clark solicits opinions of a novel he’s just written.

Dancing With the Stars | ABC – EDITORS’ PICK
The first elimination of the season occurs after the second week of performances.

Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up | DSC
Aaron’s Falcon Racecar

How I Met Your Mother | CBS
The End of the Aisle
Half an hour before their nuptials, Barney and Robin both suffer panic attacks, while Marshall and Lily take the occasion to rewrite their original wedding vows.

Live From E! | E!
A fast-paced mix of entertainment news, celebrity interviews and the latest pop culture trends.

Star-Crossed | CW
Stabbed With a White Wench’s Black Eye
Emery enlists Julia’s help to distract a nosy photographer. Meanwhile, Drake plans to attend a charity ball thrown by Grayson’s parents, and Roman’s attempt to keep him out of trouble finds him caught up in a kidnapping scheme.

Switched at Birth | ABCFAM
Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows
Kathryn’s book is leaked before it’s published. Meanwhile, Bay is skeptical about Emmett’s new girlfriend; Daphne has an unexpected encounter at the clinic with someone from her past; and Regina feels a sense of guilt about her behavior.

The Voice | NBC
The Battles Continue
The battle round continues. The advisers are Aloe Blacc, Jill Scott, Miranda Lambert and the Band Perry.

WWE Monday Night Raw | USA


2 Broke Girls | CBS
And the Not Broke Parents
Max and Caroline join Deke and his parents for dinner, but Max gets tongue-tied until Deke’s mother confides in Max about her secret past.

Mighty Med | DISXD
The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy
Skylar learns that a charming teen superhero isn’t as nice as he seems.

The Fabulist | E!
Jeremiah Brent
Panel members include Jeremiah Brent.

Top Gear | BBC
Burma Special – Part 2
Conclusion. The guys try to drive across Burma to get to Thailand so they can build a bridge over the River Kwai.


Being Human | Syfy
Ramona the Pest
The most recent death in Aidan’s life weighs on the vampire as he agrees to help Kenny get out of town; at the same time, Sally and Nora work with Josh to conquer his werewolf while dealing with a new pack and a dead little girl.

Dallas | TNT
The family could divide forever when Bobby and Sue Ellen use the governor (Steven Weber) in a power ploy to stop John Ross from becoming like his father. Elsewhere, details surface about Heather’s past; Cliff helps in Elena’s pursuit of justice; Judith, Ryland and Ann try to tame Emma.

Fast N’ Loud | DSC
Mustang Mania
A Boss 429 Mustang and a Jaguar E-Type are featured.

Lab Rats | DISXD
Not So Smart Phone
Chase and Adam fear their secret will be exposed when they lose a phone they used to record themselves doing bionic stunts. Meanwhile, Leo and Bree scheme to help Perry spend her fortune.

Love It or List It | HGTV
Ever-Growing Family
Hilary transforms a home for a family of seven, while David takes the owners to the suburbs to look at bigger houses.

Mike & Molly | CBS
The Dice Lady Cometh
Molly and the ladies go on a weekend riverboat-casino cruise, where she hopes to get on a roll and win some extra cash for her and Mike. Meanwhile, her husband and the guys gather to watch some college basketball.

Single Ladies | VH1
Last Dance

The Following | FOX
Teacher’s Pet
Joe attains more power over the Korban cult while Ryan and Max try to track him down. Meanwhile, Weston reunites with someone from his past.

The Fosters | ABCFAM
Adoption Day
In the first-season finale, devastating news is revealed to the Fosters as Callie and Jude prepare for their adoption. Meanwhile, Mariana stands by a friend who faces a hard decision; Brandon makes another poor choice; and Jude is asked out on a date.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | BRAVO
Reunion Part 2
Part 2 of 3. The Beverly Hills ladies reunite. Topics include beauty regimens; children; Brandi’s difficult year; Kim’s feelings about Lisa; and Kyle and Carlton’s broken relationship.

The Tomorrow People | CW
Stephen stumbles upon a clue that the Tomorrow People have been desperately seeking; John and Russell learn about a dangerous plan that Jedikiah is plotting; Cara gets a lead on a new break-out but is shocked to discover that it is someone from her past.

Worst Cooks in America | FOOD
Eat, Pray, Love
The final four recruits cook for their loved ones during a blind-tasting challenge to determine who will compete in the finale.


Mom | CBS
Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus
Violet finds the perfect family to adopt her baby, as Christy and Bonnie step up to make sure the process goes smoothly.


Archer | FX
Archer Vice: On the Carpet
Archer has a run-in with a shady arms dealer (voice of Christian Slater).

Bates Motel | A&E
Dylan questions his loyalty to Norma and Norman.

Independent Lens | PBS
All of Me: A Story of Love, Loss, and Last Resorts
The experiences of three obese women who undergo weight-loss surgery are chronicled. Included: the misunderstandings and prejudices that surround obesity; the psychological struggle many have with food.

Intelligence | CBS
The Event Horizon
Tetazoo relieves Lillian of her duties and takes charge of a manhunt for Gabriel, who is on the run trying to figure out who’s framing him for murder.

Lords of the Car Hoards | DSC
Pickups and Slams
A 1940 Ford pickup truck is customized.

Lost Girl | Syfy
End of a Line
The team put their energy into finding out who sent a Fae to attack Bo; at the same time, Bo’s feelings for someone she loves begin to waver; and Kenzi gets a surprise visit.

Mystery Diners | FOOD
Cover Charge
Charles and his team go behind the scenes at Red Balls Rock-and-Roll Pizza in Moorpark, Cal., to investigate inventory discrepancies.

Southern Charm | BRAVO
Is She or Isn’t She?
Questions surround Kathryn and whether she’s pregnant. Also: A white-tie Carolina Day party is held.

Teen Wolf | MTV
The Divine Move
One last stand is made by Scott, Derek and their allies in the Season 3 finale.

Castle | starts at: 10:01 | ABC
The Greater Good
A Wall Street trader’s homicide is investigated, but the case takes a surprising turn when it’s revealed that the victim was doing undercover work for Gates’ estranged sister, who’s a U.S. attorney.

The Blacklist | starts at: 10:01 | NBC
A high-tech cyber defense asset is stolen, with clues pointing to a Russian terrorist as the guilty party. Meanwhile, Jolene’s vanishing sheds light on mysteries involving Tom.


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