Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Defends Rob Ford Interview

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. And apparently, he wasn’t all that happy with how Kimmel referred to him in Tuesday’s monologue. Or maybe it’s just his brother who wasn’t all that happy.

“We had an interesting night last night,” Kimmel said during Tuesday’s monlogue. “The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was here — and after that, I’m not sure what happened.”

Well, of course Kimmel’s not going to miss an opportunity to get a laugh out of the audience. If Ford (or his brother) were looking for some sort of low-key interview, they should have picked a different show. I can’t even think which show that would be, but definitely not Kimmel’s.

Kimmel continued, “It seemed like we were having fun. We went over … much of his remarkable life. We reviewed some of his home videos. But then after the show, he was apparently upset. Why, I’m not exactly sure. I asked him about drinking and smoking crack. What were we supposed to talk about? His other hobbies?”

And then he took another pot-shot at the mayor. “The thing is – it’s hard to tell whether Mayor Ford is mad or not because his face is always bright red; it doesn’t change colors,” he said, referencing Ford’s profuse sweating during the interview and his “magician”-like black tux and bright red tie.

Kimmel reiterated that “it was not my intention to upset the mayor” before making one last joke: “I hope we’re still on for go-karting this weekend.”

The mayor’s brother, Doug, a fellow Toronto councilor, told the Toronto Sun after the taping Monday, “He’s a little upset.” But Ford later told The Sun that he was ok with being skewered by Kimmel. “No, it was more Doug that was upset. I told him, ‘What are you upset about?’ No big deal. I was fine. There was some tough questions but it was fun. I had a blast.”

During Ford’s three-segment interview, Kimmel barraged the disgraced mayor — who is seeking re-election in October — with questions about allegations that he is homophobic and addicted to drugs and alcohol, and showed damaging and embarrassing videos. Here’s some footage from the interview:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 3:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 4:






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