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Jan. 19, 2014: What’s On TV Tonight?

Downton Abbey S4E3

What’s on TV tonight? New episodes of “Downton Abbey,” “Revenge,” “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” “Girls,” “Shameless,” “House of Lies” and more. Also, “True Detective,” a Season 2 preview of “The Following,” the Season 1 (Series, perhaps?) finale of “Betrayal,” and the Season 3 premiere of “Sherlock”!

8 pm Eastern

Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed | DSC
Call of the Wild
Otto and Eivin go duck hunting; Atz and Atz Lee repair a bridge; and Jane goes fishing.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt | HGTV
An Iowa Couple Looks for a Beach Home Where the Family Can Meet
Teachers from Iowa search for a $350,000 summer place along Manasota Key, Fla.

Guy’s Grocery Games | FOOD
Cart Wars
The first challenge is to prepare tacos, but tortillas and ground beef are out of stock. Also: sandwiches made with frozen food; and seafood dishes featuring five ingredients or less.

The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories | ABC
Successful past couples from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” share details about their romantic relationships. Included: Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried; Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum; Jason and Molly (Malaney) Mesnick; and Ryan and Trista (Rehn) Sutter. Also: a look ahead to the Jan. 26 nuptials of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | BRAVO
Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches
NeNe visits Porsha to mend their friendship in the wake of a showdown. Elsewhere, Cynthia and Peter hear shocking news about Kandi’s fiancé; Kenya hosts a family dinner; and the ladies visit a vineyard, but the trip takes a sour turn.

8:30 pm Eastern

Austin & Ally | DISNEY
Glee Clubs & Glory
Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez team together to try and win a Glee Club competition.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt | HGTV
A Louisiana Family Scours Johnson Bayou for a Real Vacation Home
The owners of an air conditioning company have $150,000 for a secluded escape along the gulf coast of Johnson Bayou in Louisiana.

9 pm Eastern

Alaska: The Last Frontier | DSC
Circle of Life
Atz Lee and Eivin hunt deer on a remote island; Charlotte scrambles to save a cow; Eve struggles with chores while Eivin is away; and Atz cleans his chimney.

Ax Men | HIST
Logger Down
A turf war breaks out between Rygaard and Oakes in the Pacific Northwest; an accident sidelines a Papac crew member.

Blood, Sweat & Heels | BRAVO
Turned Uptown
Daisy anticipates the digital release of her book. Elsewhere, Geneva’s reputation is tested when Mica and Melyssa exhibit unprofessional behavior at a work event hosted by a new employer.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!
Loving & Letting Go
Kris and Bruce make important decisions about their future together; at the same time, Khloe deals with changes in her relationship with Lamar.

Masterpiece Classic | PBS
Downton Abbey: Season 4, Part 3
As “Downton Abbey” continues, Mary, Edith, Tom and Anna each struggle with a dilemma; Gillingham makes clear his intentions to Mary; Edith endangers her reputation; Tom turns to Mrs. Hughes for help with Edna; and Anna keeps her distance from Bates.

Revenge | ABC
Tension between Emily and Daniel escalates and Emily refuses to back down, but her instability makes her vulnerable.

Shameless | SHOe
My Oldest Daughter
Fiona is involved in a road rage incident that damages a company car and leads her to tell a lie about how it happened. Meanwhile, Lip struggles in school and with the ladies.

Sister Wives | TLC
While the Wives Are Away…
The wives take a road trip to San Francisco, where they work on their relationships by shopping for dresses for their commitment celebration. Meanwhile, Kody stays at home with all 17 kids.

True Detective | HBOe
Seeing Things
Pressure to land a suspect in the Lange murder brings a warning from Quesada that Hart and Cohle might be replaced by a new task force, but they lobby for extra time to investigate a rural brothel and a burned-out church.

10 pm Eastern

#RichKids of Beverly Hills | E!
A reality series following a group of young people born into wealthy families offers a glimpse of what they do with their privileged lives in Beverly Hills. First up: A controversial topic threatens to ruin a charity event being organized by Dorothy and Morgan.

90 Day Fiancé | TLC
Culture Shock
Kirlyam misses home and struggles in her new living arrangements; Paola isn’t thrilled to be sharing a house with Russ’ parents; Aziza encounters skepticism from Mike’s family; Louis tells his ex-wife and sons about Aya’s arrival.

Betrayal | ABC | starts at: 10:01
“…A better place.”
In the Season 1 finale, Sara’s survival is in doubt after being shot, which forces intense reflection by her family and Jack’s as they ponder what comes next.

Cutthroat Kitchen | FOOD
Soupsy Daisy
Cooking quesadillas proves difficult for one chef whose heat source is a 500-watt light. Also: Chicken soup is prepared on a cookie sheet; and ingredients for a fish fry come from Alton’s bait bucket.

Dude, You’re Screwed | DSC
Deadly Inferno
A survival instructor is dropped into a canyon in Utah.

Girls | HBOe
She Said OK
Hannah turns 25 at a wild party thrown by Marnie and her parents at a local bar, but the festivities are marred by an unexpected visit from Adam’s emotionally disturbed sister and Ray’s clash with Hannah’s editor over the soundtrack.

House of Lies | SHOe
Marty has a confusing meeting with Roscoe’s new crush; Jeannie makes some power moves to win an account with the Department of Defense; Sarah tells Doug that she wants them to have a baby; Clyde witnesses Monica push a junior analyst a bit too far.

Island Hunters | HGTV
Looking for a Secluded Getaway in Georgia
Newlyweds from Boston search for a secluded getaway along the Georgian coast.

Masterpiece Mystery! | PBS | starts at: 9:58
Sherlock, Season 3: The Empty Hearse
Season 3 of “Sherlock” opens with “The Empty Hearse,” set two years after the events of “The Reichenbach Fall,” in which Holmes apparently died. Watson has gotten on with his life, but can’t help but to wish his old pal was still with him; and that wish just may come true when London is threatened with a terrorist attack.

The Curse of Oak Island | HIST
Voices From the Grave
Rumors of a deadly curse make their way to Rick and Marty.

10:30 pm Eastern

Episodes | SHOe
Matt continues to fight for custody of his kids, but getting a DUI with them in the car makes the situation more difficult. Meanwhile, Sean learns that Beverly spent the night with ruggedly handsome Rob; and Carol falls under the spell of her charismatic new boss.

Island Hunters | HGTV
The Hunt for a New Home on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast
The Crystal Coast of North Carolina is toured by a father and daughter who are looking to sell their family farm and buy an island home.

Looking | HBOe
Looking for Now
In the premiere of this dramedy about a trio of gay men in San Francisco, Patrick deals with news of his ex’s engagement; Agustín prepares to move in with his boyfriend; and Dom mulls reconnecting with an old flame.

The Following | FOX
In a special preview of Season 2, a murderous rampage occurs on the one-year anniversary of Joe Carroll’s death.


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