The Mindy Project Recap: You’ve Got Sext – 2×8

Mindy Project Recap: You've Got Sext

Well, this week’s episode of “The Mindy Project” was quite eventful! They’re clearly gearing up for the mid-season finale, with lots of progress on the main plot. Not only have things moved forward with Danny and Mindy’s relationship, but they’ve established a classic triangle between them and lawyer Cliff—a square, if you include Heather (Ellie Kemper). And they accomplished all this while being hysterically funny, too.

Mindy, clearly overworked and getting forgetful, loses her purse and arranges to crash at Danny’s place for the night. Though why she didn’t think to look for her purse in the break room is beyond me, since it seems like an obvious place to look. I guess she’s really exhausted.

She also now, sort of suddenly, has a full-blown crush on Lawyer Cliff, who hasn’t been in the last couple episodes. Ah well, we knew it would happen eventually, and Danny does mention that Mindy is “always crushing on some cheeseball.” In fact, when Mindy tells Danny that she is crushing on someone, someone at work, someone out of her league, Danny thinks he is the cheeseball du jour. (This wasn’t entirely clear, and I’m not sure why he would think that, but there you go.)

Meanwhile, Peter and Morgan find Mindy’s purse in the break room when Cliff sends Mindy a text. They start playing a very dangerous game and reply to Cliff’s text on Mindy’s behalf. Morgan, who spent much of the start of the episode bossing Mindy around, thinks that she and Cliff belong together. Why exactly? Other than because it’s in the script…

Peter and Morgan text back and forth with Cliff, and it quickly escalates to the point where Cliff goes to Mindy’s house (didn’t realize he knew where she lived) for a booty call. Peter and Morgan, quickly in danger of losing this game, run to Mindy’s house and create a fake party. Peter is still trying to “win” the game, even while playing scrabble with Cliff. (Did anyone else notice the typo in “Mindy’s” text about the loofah?)

Mindy’s strange neighbor Heather comes to the party, and after Cliff learns that Mindy is not actually there and didn’t send any of the texts, he decides to hook up with Heather, even though he doesn’t seem to like her. (Men.) He also asks Morgan to remove the texts from Mindy’s phone.

Back at Danny’s place, he and Mindy bump into his neighbor Amy (Sarah Burns), with whom he had hooked up, apparently more than once. He’s afraid she’s stalking him, so he asks Mindy to pretend to be his girlfriend. It’s spectacular how easily Mindy spins a yarn, unflinchingly answering challenging questions and creating quite an elaborate story, complete with a meet-cute, a baby, and a very dramatic name: Chloe Silverado.

As the evening progresses, Mindy learns that Amy had a reason to be clingy with Danny because they’d spent more time together than he had admitted. He confesses that he sometimes gets lonely. While trying to convince Amy that he and Mindy are a couple, Danny realizes that he does have feelings for Mindy, which Amy points out as real because he never looked at her the same way. It’s a very sweet moment.

The next morning, Danny tries to talk to Mindy about their relationship by saying the person Mindy’s crushing on at work isn’t out of her league. When she tells him she’ll take his advice and ask out Cliff, Danny, disappointed, realizes that he misunderstood her. But when Mindy gets to work and finds her purse, she learns that Cliff hooked up with Heather—and then sees all the texts that were exchanged between Mindy (well, Mindy’s phone) and Cliff.

Dun dun DUUUN!

What a fun take on one of my favorite rom-coms, “You’ve Got Mail.” Despite some of the relationships feeling a little contrived, or at least rushed, I love how the stories progressed. There were great interactions between the characters, fun references to the movie (ie: answering a question with a question, and all it implies), and big laughs.

Some of my favorite lines tonight:

“That’s like officially a thing now?”—Mindy, about Friday night date night.

“If a girl doesn’t respond to me immediately, that means she’s either stuck up, dead, or living in an elevator, all three of which are deal breakers.”—Peter

“If you rinse the toothbrush after you use it, it’s like no one used it.”—Mindy

“Are you kidding me, a winky face? That’s like emoji porn.”—Morgan

“Great, so you have experience sleeping on couches.”—Danny

“I feel like I must hear every detail, although it will be painful to hear it.”—Mindy, as Chloe Silverado

“Oh yeah, OK, this is real. Danny never looked at me like that. Plus, you are clearly very pregnant.”—Amy

“If you and I pooled our money together, we could buy Greece. I’d have to share Greece with you though.”—Mindy, to Danny

How about you, Mindy fans? Are you glad things are finally moving between Danny and Mindy? How did Mindy not notice Danny’s comment about following her on Twitter? Why didn’t Morgan delete the texts? Why do you think he wants Cliff and Mindy to be together? And what happened to all of Mindy’s female friends? Leave comments below!


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  1. The Mindy Project Recap: You’ve Got Sext – 2×8

  2. K.L. Connie Wang Avatar

    The “emoji porn” line had me cracking up. This was one of the better eps. The reactions Morgan and Peter were getting when they got a quick reply to their texts were hysterical!

    1. Renée Camus Avatar

      They were! The episode started a little slow for me but once we got to them on her iPhone, I was pretty much laughing the whole rest of the time. I loved their reactions, especially “That’s hot” “YES!” “I’m coming over” “No!”

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