The Good Wife Recap: The Next Week – 5×7


Could there still be hope for Alicia and Will? Alicia’s brother Owen seems to think so, on another exciting episode in an absolutely stellar season of “The Good Wife.”

Over at Lockhart/Gardner, Will is trying to promote collaboration and good will (get it?) among his remaining troops. There’s been so much dissention in their ranks lately, who can blame him for wanting them to get along and work together?

Shame Alicia and Cary aren’t having the same luck at Florrick/Agos.

When Alicia is subpoenaed to appear as a witness in a malpractice suit against LG, she obliges, of course. Her appearance at the estranged law firm is certainly that: she now strikes terror (or some kind of reaction) in the faces of its employees. Her totally terse, extremely formal exchange with Diane—Miss Lockhart—is telling, and so sad, as they’ve drained any last trace of friendship from their interaction. It’s also incorrect, as Diane too is a Mrs. now. Does Alicia know that? Does she care?

The malpractice suit involves a botched adoption case Alicia had worked on at the time she became a partner, one concerning a Native American tribe. It turns out that Anthony Wright Edelman (Bhavesh Patel), the idiot fourth year who went with Florrick/Agos and has done nothing but cause trouble and complain about his bonus, worked on the case and, in an attempt to assure a win, offered a check to the tribe for not refusing the adoption. Like a perfect lesson in reverse psychology, the check had the opposite effect, convincing the tribe to refuse the adoption.

Alicia only agrees to testify in the case after bargaining to get her partner money returned to her, and she doesn’t say which way she’ll testify. It almost doesn’t matter, because once they realize Anthony’s involvement, they bring him in, and he proceeds to lodge Alicia firmly under a big set of bus wheels. It’s unclear exactly why he does that, or how for that matter, but he clearly made a deal with LG, now causing FA to hemorrhage manpower as well as money and resources.

I’m probably too naïve, but I really hate the backstabbing, one-upping, negotiating, back-scratching climate that lawyers (or at least these lawyers) live in—despite that it’s part of what makes this show so exciting. Fortunately, Nathan Lane’s Clarke Hayden, the accountant/budding lawyer who helped LG out last season, returns to help FA, and reminds them that they’re not there to play games (regardless of how much fun it may be for them). He also makes them a deal: he will be a lawyer for them, without pay, at least until they can get on their feet and start making some money. That should be fun; Lane is great in any role he plays.

Meanwhile, Will is trying to hold on to one of Alicia’s former clients, who is under arrest for the murder of a classmate named Danni Littlejohn (were her parents big “Robin Hood” fans?) He says he has no idea who she is and swears that he’s never met her, but somehow his DNA directly matches that found under her fingernails. The case remains unresolved thus far, but Kalinda seems to think he’s guilty. For whatever idiot reason, Will doesn’t ask Kalinda why she’s so sure. Seems to me that could be worth knowing, even if she’s completely off track.

While investigating the case, Will bumps into Owen (played by the sleepy-eyed, entertaining Dallas Roberts). Will informs him of Alicia’s leaving to start her own firm, and when Owen asks what happened, Will has to admit that he has no idea. He’s clearly still so heartbroken by it. In fact, you could be electrocuted by the huge amounts of energy that passes between Will and Alicia when he sees her waiting for her deposition at LG. What an incredible moment.

Owen also finds Will later and tells him that Alicia left because she was afraid of falling in love with him (he had pointed this out to Alicia too, which of course she denied). I don’t know if it’s entirely true, but it’s certainly fun to believe. There’s probably a kernel of truth to it, and I certainly want there to be, but I’m not so sure. Regardless, Will insists that it’s over. Honestly, why should he put himself through the torture?

Poor Grace. As much as she may have been enjoying the attention she was getting last week, she’s now being victimized by unwanted attention again. Zach discovers that all of their computers have been “ratted”: their web cameras being accessed externally in order to spy on them. He investigates further and finds a website selling revealing videos of Grace, run by one of his classmates. He beats the guy up and walks away with a black eye, which he tells Alicia is the result of a sports accident. But how traumatizing for Grace. I would be afraid to change in my room again, and that’s supposed to be a woman’s most private space.

Your turn, good-wifers. Are you happy to see Alicia’s brother Owen return, especially while he’s convinced that Alicia still has feelings for Will? Do Will and Alicia stand a chance anymore, or will Will’s chaotic girlfriend return? For that matter, are Will and Diane as golden as they appear to be?

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