Ron Burgundy on Mount Rushmore

As soon as Will Ferrell, replete in character as Ron Burgundy, announced there would indeed be a sequel to “Anchorman,” I was all ready to buy a ticket to see it. No marketing needed, but I am enjoying the marketing campaign they have going on.

The Ron Burgundy-Dodge Durango commercials were meant to be a marketing blitz to promote the movie, but it actually increased sales for Dodge by a staggering 59 percent that month.

Now, they’ve come up with an even better campaign – to change the faces on Mount Rushmore to those of the news team at Channel 4.

They even started a White House Petition to get it changed. You can view and sign the petition here.

Take a look at Ron Burgundy’s plea below.

Will you sign the petition? Who else do you think should be on Mount Rushmore?



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