On this week’s episode of “Revenge” … It’s getting very close to the wedding (I can only imagine how it’s going to play out) and things are getting very tense. Who would have ever guessed!

In the opening scene of  “Secrecy,” Daniel and Sarah are shown kissing on a beach, and later at Emily’s house, Daniel pulls away from Emily’s advances. Well, well … I don’t think Emily is used to that , and Daniel has someone else on his mind.

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Daniel is hot for Sarah. Yep, he sneaks up on her a the local market and they discuss ingredients of the wedding cake. He clearly flirts with her, but little do either know that Emily is going to show up and have a nice and dramatic talk with Sarah. I thought it was amusing how Emily turned on her emotions and charm to let Sarah know how she was threatened by her and to make her feel guilty. The scene ends with Sarah telling Emily that she’s “not a home wrecker.” Well, Emily is!

Margaux discusses with Jack that she is going to find some dirt on Grayson Global (amen honey), that she knows there is a secret.  Jack wants her to stay out of it and is worried about her. He knows to what length Conrad will go, to stop people from digging.

Later, Nolan lets the cat out of the bag to Jack, telling him that when all is said and done, Emily is going to leave with Aiden. Jack is upset by this (will Emily finally get Jack in the end?), because he thinks Aiden is a bad guy. I’m still not sure if Aiden is good or bad.

Charlotte has her phone stolen and knows Aiden solves problems. She is being blackmailed and wants his help. Of course he helps, but also “beats down” the guy pretty bad, which bothers Jack.

Sarah goes to Victoria and tells her she can’t help break up Daniel and Emily, telling Victoria how kind and real Emily is. You can imagine Victoria’s reaction! She went into overdrive to convince Sarah that Emily is bad, and bad for Daniel.

At the wedding shower, Victoria has hired Sarah to take care of the food – she is such a witch (but with a b). Daniel realizes what his mom is up to, but heads right over to talk to Sarah. Emily sees and goes to intervene. During a shower game, Victoria blindfolds Emily and brings a surprise guest from her past – Emily’s first husband. Little did Victoria know that Emily always has an answer and came up smelling like a rose – except in Daniel’s eyes. (You’re losing him, Emily.revenge-season-31)

Later, Conrad goes to Margaux’s office to tell her he’s going with another publisher — which really ticks her off —  and then tells Daniel it’s time for him to enter the Grayson “rite of passage.” He takes him to a secret apartment where Conrad and all Grayson men go to hide trysts from their wives.

Oh brother … Daniel isn’t happy and says he won’t cheat on his wife. Conrad tells young Daniel that the secret to a happy marriage is secrecy. What great advice – not!

Soon after, Sarah ends up in the secret apartment, and at the same time, Victoria has a little talk with Emily and gives her a card with the phone number of the apartment. Conrad, I thought you said no wives know about the secret apartment! I do give Victoria a big check mark for that one. Anyway, Emily reluctantly calls the number and finds out Sarah is with Daniel at the apartment – oh boy, the look on her face!

Later at the beach house, Emily trumps Daniel as he’s about to tell her he can’t marry her. Guess what, Daniel? She’s pregnant! LOL, my gosh, she is not going to let him out of the marriage (for now). I love it! I can’t wait for the wedding!

Jack visits Emily at her beach house. He tells her he’s worried about her and is not trusting of Aiden. Emily tells Jack he doesn’t know her or Aiden … but there is that feeling that maybe someday (in my mind), she and Jack will finally end up together. They have a connection that is deep, and I’m hoping that he can bring the “nice girl” back out of Emily – someday.

Last, but definitely not least, Margaux has found the smoking gun to devolve all of the bad of Grayson Global for her tell-all book. She waits in a parking lot and her informant walks up and they meet. Oh.My.God. It’s Lydia Davis! Whew whew, this is gonna be good!

What did you think of this episode of “Revenge”? What are you looking forward to seeing happen at the wedding? We can only imagine!



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