Revenge Recap: Resurgence

Just a few more weeks until the wedding (how will they ever make it to that?), and things keep getting more crazy … and that’s why we love Revenge“!

Conrad hired a publicist, Bizzy Preston (Ana Ortiz), to work on the Grayson’s image, but more specifically to repair the relationship between Victoria and Emily – that’s a good one! How that will ever happen is beyond me, since both are plotting against one another.

Victoria doing all she can (including playing nice with Sarah) to get rid of Emily, and Emily is doing whatever it takes to get rid of Sarah and keep the wedding on track so she can bring down the Grayson’s for good at the big event. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how that plays out!

Nolan has his own issues with Bizzy. Years ago, Bizzy outed Nolan in front of the world while trying to protect one of her clients. That outage ruined any chance that Nolan had (and hoped for) in repairing his relationship with his father. He never forgot it and will take care of the problem. More in a minute.

He and Emily get together to figure out how to get Victoria’s goat. Ah yes, Emily decides to tell Bizzy that she was married once before (of course, not really) and not to tell Victoria. Right. Of course she tells Victoria and somehow it’s going to work into the story … but how? Can you guess?

Anyway, Nolan breaks into Bizzy’s phone and discovers what a bad little girl she’s been – she’s been having an affair. Nolan, who is a good guy, confronts her, and she is completely in panic mode. It would ruin her marriage and career if he divulges the information. He says he will keep it quiet if she breaks it off. Nice. He also wants Emily to take notes … like stop being so full of vengeance. There are better ways to deal with things.

Elsewhere, Jack visits Margaux and asks her out on a date. She ends up going, and they enjoy laying on an outdoor lounge while drinking wine. It starts to get a little heated, and a conflicted Jack pulls away. Margaux ends up leaving and Jack feels bad.

He talks to Nolan (I really like that they are good friends) about it, and Nolan tells him what it’s “time” to do … so, Jack visits Amanda’s grave and gives an emotional speech. He takes off his wedding ring and is at peace with his decision. It was sad, but needed to be done if he’s going to have any future with Margaux … which he does. He later apologizes to her, and they get together at his place. I still wonder what her role is in all of this.

Aiden and Emily continue with their plan. Aiden really wants to leave with Emily… he can’t wait for all of this to be over. She does lament that she’ll never see her sister (Charlotte) again, or Nolan… but she knows it’s the way it has to be (not really, Em). Aiden tells Emily that Victoria wants him to come between her and Daniel… hum, but later, out of the blue, Victoria tells Aiden to leave for good. I thought that was a weird twist.

Revenge Recap: Resurgence

What really takes the cake is Daniel asking Sarah to bake the wedding cake … seriously?! Even though we know and see it doesn’t bother Emily – what the heck! No “normal” bride-to-be would think it’s okay for her fiance’s ex to bake the wedding cake. It almost made me laugh. What did you think?

Daniel is being nice, but is he possibly falling for the girl from the other side of the tracks … again? This is going to be interesting, isn’t it? Although Emily did see the photo of the two of them almost kissing at the Independence Day party … she soon realizes what Victoria’s plan is.

Not much happened with Conrad, but things are sure to heat up in the next couple of weeks as the wedding looms. I, for one, can’t wait to see where the writers take this. I’m still not sure who shoots Emily and if it’s fake (she and Aiden) or if it’s real … Daniel finding out the truth? What do you think? A few weeks and we’ll find out!

Did you like this episode of “Revenge”? What do you want to see happen in the coming episodes? Please leave your comments below.



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