Revenge Recap: Dissolution – 3×6


Well, here we go, “Revenge” fans. I love watching this show. Always crazy and always fun and always so enjoyable to watch … I guess because it is so opposite of how I live.

Lots happened (I never would have guessed) in only the sixth episode of 20-something… whew!

“Love built on lies is an arduous endeavor … whenever passion and treachery meet, dissolution begins.” I love Emily’s opening quips.

Everyone’s relationships seem to be unraveling, so let’s recap what happened.

A lovely breakfast gathering at Grayson Manor turns ugly when Conrad announces that Victoria’s beloved home is under contract to be sold. This, of course, will ruin Emily’s wedding plans. I found it amusing how Emily makes Charlotte and Victoria angry by telling them that she and Daniel will have a family honeymoon cruise around Nantucket Sound.  Oh, I can’t wait to see that!  I just don’t know who could live like that … the constant barbs, the personal interference, the lies… oh yeah, that house and lifestyle!

Nolan and Patrick – poor Nolan. He finally finds someone he likes, but is told by Emily and Jack that Patrick is a criminal and is responsible for Father Paul’s death. Both Emily and Jack tell him he has to break off their relationship.

Nolan and Jack – I really like the friendship between Nolan and Jack. I truly like both characters, which you probably do too, right? When Nolan decided to tell Jack that he knew Emily’s real identity, Jack became very upset … the lies, betrayal … but Jack is such a good guy and listens to Nolan’s story about promising David Clarke that he would look after Emily (Amanda). Jack spoke passionately about why Emily is going to the lengths she is, and why he (they both) feels the need to protect her – Nolan hit it right on the head, “Because we see the broken and betrayed little girl inside.”

Emily and Aiden – This is a tough one. I still don’t know if she is using him or not. Is she? Emily tells Aiden that they need to somehow stop the sale of Grayson Manor (of course we know she will) or the plans will be ruined. So, what does she do? She steals and alters records from City Hall (saying that there is beach erosion and that it will continue) and has Aiden smash some of the walls in her house to make it seem like the house is shifting.

When Conrad’s real estate broker sees the work being done at Emily’s house, she’s furious she was lied to about the erosion (that really isn’t there) and that the deal won’t happen.

Daniel’s ex, Sarah (who he critically injured in a drunken crash) is back! Just a side note: she’s pretty (goodbye, Emily). When Daniel accidentally runs into her at a bakery, Sarah really lets him have it about the lack of money or contact to help her recover. He feels bad, and I can tell, still has feelings for her. Charlotte gets her fired, but hires her to work at the redesigned Stowaway. Yep, Charlotte is trying to get rid of Emily … wait until she finds out she’s her sister!

Anyway, Daniel discovers Conrad had his lawyers pretty much screw Sarah in the settlement … only paying for her medical bills, not years of rehab. I think he’s going to fix it, and will they reignite their old romance? At least she actually cares about him (she did tell Charlotte she had feelings for him even after what happened).


Aiden tells Conrad that it was Patrick who tried to kill him, and that he will be dealt with (Conrad hates Patrick, Aiden, Victoria, Jack … everyone – hum). Then Jack visits Conrad (boy, do they have a hatred for each other) and makes two demands – that there is no bloodshed (with Patrick) and that he and Conrad have a ceasefire. Nice job, Jack, but we all know Conrad can’t be trusted.

The show raps up with Aiden and Emily talking about their future – Victoria sending Patrick off to protect him from Conrad and, last but not least, Victoria (after finding out from Aiden that Conrad has a fortune in gold stashed away) dropping her wedding ring into Conrad’s champagne and claiming she’s divorcing him! I can’t wait to see that – the divorce of the century!

Favorite lines:

Victoria to Conrad: “What will you be purchasing, a place in hell?”  Good one!

Patrick to Victoria: “I love you, mom.” Please.

Victoria to Conrad and the broker: “I thought I heard the chatter of rats, and here you both are.” She is good.

Another great episode from one of my favorite series. How can you not love it?

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Revenge”? Do you think Daniel and Sarah will get back together? Please leave comments below.


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