Ghost Mine: Latest mine opening
Latest mine opening

This week on “Ghost Mine“… When the miners break through the recently blasted area, they end up coming out the side of the mountain into the sunlight and can’t figure out how they went so wrong. Kristen and Patrick investigate the new tunnel and go back to the raise where they’ve experienced high EMF levels and where RIPA went nuts.

While standing on the boards up in the raise doing an EVP session, a brief wind comes out of nowhere. Kristen asks if they remember about the gold, and then the boards start to shake and there’s a loud bang. The vibration scares the crap out of them, so that little investigation quickly comes to an end.

Maybe Kristen is a dimwit, but every time she asks about the gold, something frightening happens. Instead, how about saying, “We’re here to help you dig up the gold, and we’re not going to cut in the Masons”? They go back to the hole in the mountain and can see Baker in the distance, realizing now there’s another straight line here running from Baker to the Crescent to Sumter.

Next morning, Patrick repels down from the hole looking for another opening below. Kristen says she can’t help being a little worried — professional courtesy? Patrick is wired up with a camera, and once he goes over the side, they start to lose his signal and the rope goes slack. Kristen gets whiny and says, “Where is he?” Eventually his mic comes back up and she says, “We were worried the rope went slack.” He says, “I reached the opening.” Duh. It wasn’t like he was repelling to China.

Here’s a question: Once he repels down, how is he going to get back up? When he gets down there, he finds another bulkhead blocking the opening with the Masonic all-knowing eye symbol carved into the wood. It looks like it caved in behind the wooden planks. Once he gets back up top, he looks through the planks removed from that bulkhead and finds the Masonic symbol once again. Obviously, the Masons wanted to scare everyone from entering the mine.

Did the Masons ever have any notion of coming back for the gold? Or did they call it a loss due to the curse they incurred by mistreating the Chinese miners? After finding the other carving, Stan and Patrick believe they’ve been heading the wrong way, and decide to focus their efforts in the opposite direction.

Off they go to the new area, and it isn’t long before Patrick announces there is something in there with them. The gang hears voices and the sounds of a crew using picks. Beyond the bulkhead, it looks like the tunnel was caved in on purpose. The ghost miners have been very busy.

While Patrick is filming through a hole behind the bulkhead, he captures a figure lurking in the shadows. They also capture an EVP, and learn later that it’s a Chinese word meaning “demon.” K & P tell the miners they’ll have to do a little research and see what the Chinese think a demon is. Really? I think we all know what a demon is.

Dingus and Jay go back to clean out the debris pile at one of the cave-ins. They realize they are not alone, and Jay gets tapped on the shoulder a few times. It’ll be fun to see if the same crew shows up next season for yet another haunted mine. I don’t know if Jay can deal; he’s still freaked out from his first encounter weeks ago. Next week, we get the final episode of this season. Will all questions be answered?

Who's touching me?
Who’s touching me?
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