Ghost Mine: Greybeard hears a noise from beyond the grave.
Greybeard hears a noise from beyond the grave.

This week on “Ghost Mine“… After RIPA’s unexplained start after being raised up into the mysterious hole, they take it down and realize the robot is down for the count. A little odd since Patrick had just done a full diagnostic before sending it in.

While in the west tunnel to take samples, Greybeard hears something and the hair on the back of his neck stands up, as he announces it’s time to go. A little side note here, Greybeard and Duck have their own Facebook page.

Kristen notices that if you draw a line between all the sightings in town, they are all in a straight line. The Chinese believe if they aren’t buried in consecrated ground, they will wander in straight lines. Hmmm … maybe we’re finally making some progress here.

Ghost Mine: Town Wide Terror
Straight lines mean the undead are here.

P&K decide to do a citywide investigation by setting up cameras throughout the area. They start at the Sumpter dredge. Ashton is watching their backs on the screens and sees a shadow figure standing above them. They give chase and see it heading towards the train. While they’re doing that, the kid hears loud banging and then a glitch shows up on the camera trained on the B&B.

At the end of the night, P&K check the camera’s feed and see the shadow Ashton saw watching them from above. Then in succession, a glitch goes through each camera from the dredge to the B&B, and heads down the shaft towards the back of the mine.

Ashton alerts Kristen and Patrick that a shadow figure is watching them.
Ashton alerts Kristen and Patrick that a shadow figure is watching them.

Stan gets a call from a mine in Arizona, the Octave, also having paranormal problems in their mine. Adam, the mine owner has lost two crews due to activity, and since these guys are in the trenches with ghosts every day… I smell season three, and they won’t have to wait for summer to start production again. Drinks all around.

Kristen and Stan go to investigate the Octave, and when they get to the mine opening, there’s a rattlesnake guarding the entrance. An omen of things to come? This mine has 25 miles of tunnels. Inside, there are the familiar mining noises with invisible miners. Another plus: there are old native symbols painted in the area – one being the Blue Devil. More on that in the future.

Back at the Crescent, the guys have used too much dynamite to blast and made the tunnel roof’s safety questionable, so RIPA gets sent in to investigate. As the robot goes farther into that area, another visual glitch – looks like RIPA found the shadow figure.



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