Ghost Mine: Dingus knocks down the bulkhead releasing gold or ghouls?
Dingus knocks down the bulkhead, releasing gold or ghouls?

This week, we have dueling mines on “Ghost Mine.” Kristen and Stan are in Arizona at the Octave, another haunted mine with a violent history. Back at the ranch, Patrick and the miners are checking out the latest discovery – a new bulkhead, and Dingus is told to tear the door down releasing … what? The men are surprised to find what looks like good veins and wonder why they hadn’t been tapped before.

Kristen does an investigation of the graveyard at the Octave, giving off spikes on the Mel Meter. Rumors of the Blue Devil are confirmed by the Octave’s security guard, who says he’ll guard the outside of the mine, but no way will he go inside. Let’s hope there’s nothing worth guarding inside. No, just gold.

Ghost Mine: Octave Mine’s security guard spooked by the Blue Devil
Octave Mine’s security guard is spooked by the Blue Devil.

Stan is happy with the gold numbers at the Octave. The only thing holding him back from saying yes to a winter dig is a final investigation — that and the fact that it’s a TV show, so a little tension is necessary. Kristen and Stan go into the mine taking pictures and capture a mist. It also appears that something is throwing rocks at Kristen. The meter is getting hits, so there is some kind of energy present.

They go to the section of the mine where the symbols are painted on the walls. Before they get back there, the sound of a huge sigh comes up the shaft, and Kristen sees something move. I think they found the Blue Devil.

Back at the Crescent, when the guys come out after a day underground, it’s snowing heavily in the middle of summer. They jump in the truck to try to get back to the cabins before they get stuck up there, and nearly go off the side of the road and down the cliff. After a couple of tries, they’re off and head safely down the hill.

Patrick warns the guys to be careful. He thinks they might have unleashed something. The next day when they go back in to check the previous day’s shoring-up work, looks of amazement and ‘what the hell’ expressions abound.

Ghost Mine: The guys find something unexpected
The guys find something unexpected.



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