Ghost Mine: Bucket gets touched.
Bucket gets touched.

On this week’s episode of “Ghost Mine,” it looks like the Masons blocked all the entrances to the mine and put their esoteric symbol, the evil eye, on each bulkhead door to keep something in. Bucket sees a shadow figure while working in the morning and panics while Dingus chooses to ignore it.

The miners blast through another bulkhead and find a long tunnel behind it. Patrick, Kristin, Stan and Ed get to the end and find another bulkhead, but this time it’s made of solid rock.

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I think someone is trying to tell these guys something. The stone in this wall is so well-built you couldn’t get a toothpick in between the cracks. Ed puts a hole in it, emitting a gush of foul air, bringing everyone to their knees. Then he jumps up, rips his gloves off, and pulls his shirt up, exposing a huge red welt on his side. Patrick insists they leave at once.

Patrick and Kristin go back later to investigate and get consistent spikes on the meter. Kristen starts asking questions in front of the stonewall – never a good idea. They hear noises like straining lumber and growls, and the K2 meter goes crazy and freezes up. They decide it’s probably time to call it a night.

At the next day’s meeting, Patrick and Kristin present their findings. They believe there are three types of hauntings in the mine: a residual haunting where departed miners keep showing up and going through the motions, the shadow figure they believe to be a Chinese miner who’s not at rest, and a negative non-human energy that is dangerous. They suggest that they don’t go back in.

Stan says they’ll take a vote to determine whether to go back in or not. Half are willing, and the other half don’t want to go back in. Stan’s remaining vote decides it. Patrick is in his cabin watching the monitors and sees that some of the miners are back in the mine. He grabs some equipment and takes off after them; at least he can try to protect them by using the meters, which will alert them if anything is nearby.

As soon as they get back near the stone bulkhead, they start to hear lumber creaking and rumbling, and Patrick tells them to run. They get out of the mine entrance just in time with the sound of a cave-in following them out. Then the whole thing blows up dirt and dust projecting outwards.

Ghost Mine: The miners escape just before a cave in.
The miners escape just before a cave in.

It’s too late in the season to dig that mess out, even if they wanted to, so Stan calls it a day. He’ll try and get the crew together again, possibly in a new location, but before they pack up and leave, Stan wants to put up a stone monument and say a prayer to pay his respects to all miners.

Nice gesture, but maybe if they had done that in the beginning and gotten a medicine man in there, they might be hauling in some loot. At least they all made enough money to pay their bills for another year, but definitely didn’t get the payday they were looking for.

And so we bid adieu until next season to those crazy people with gold fever that work underground like a bunch of moles.

Thoughts on this season of “Ghost Mine”? 

The guys pay their respects to miners everywhere by erecting a monument.
The guys pay their respects to miners everywhere by erecting a monument.


  1. The miners really going to wimp out and walk away and not return? If I could be trained to be a gold miner, I wouldn’t have given up so easily. In fact, I would have stayed and re-dug the mine entrance to reveal what’s behind that stone bulkhead. If the ghost mine crew would have pulled their heads out of their asses and reinforced the wood beams with one-inch steel beams, the bulkhead would have been removed safely and the miners would be millionaires. But no one has the balls to give it another shot because of a few spirits.


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