Dancing With the Stars Recap: Top 5 Dances – 17×8

Dancing With the Stars

So, “Dancing With The Stars” fans, we’ve made it to Week 8, and the surprise eliminations keep coming. This week wasn’t quite as shocking as last week, but it certainly wasn’t expected. But before we get into that … <drumroll please>

It’s Cher Week!

I’m a fan of Cher’s and have been for a very long time. When I was in high school, I dreamt that I had met her, and she was just super cool. As silly as it seems, I still hold a special place in my heart for her, largely because of that dream. Despite her crazy get-ups, she strikes me as really genuine.

That said, I’m sorry to say that with all the hype this week, she was disappointing as a judge. I wonder if she’s trying to take it easy on the contestants, or if she feels awkward. I wonder whose idea it was to bring her on the show, the producers or hers (likely some combination of both).

This was another busy week for the dancers, as most of them had to perform two dances tonight: an individual dance and the “dance-off challenge.” The challenge actually meant they had to learn three additional dances, because they didn’t know which of three styles (cha-cha, rumba, or disco) they would have to perform. The couple scoring the highest in the individual dances could sit out the dance-off challenge.

Here are my five favorite dances tonight:

Corbin and Karina’s Argentine Tango: Of course my first reaction, before they even started dancing, is Yay! As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love Argentine tango, so I was predisposed to liking this routine—especially given that Corbin is dancing it. The routine started really strong but got a little rough, as they totally caught their footing up within each other. Corbin’s distracting Indiegogo film definitely affected their routine, and they could have used another day to work on it. I also wanted just a couple more basic tango moves among all the tricks. (Speaking of independent crowdsource films, please also read this.)

Bill and Emma’s Disco: Whoa, Emma, put some clothes on! While I enjoy the fringy ‘70s pantsuit, that cleavage is ridiculous. But their dancing is very entertaining. Bill, of course, needs some sharpness in his individual movements, and the routine was silly, but they clearly had so much fun. Their tricks were complicated and well executed too, especially that terrifically smooth death drop.

Jack and Cheryl’s Tango: I’m so happy that Jack loves to dance now! I love when another person learns how wonderful and earnest dancing is, and that it’s so much better than what they dread it might be. I hope he continues it after the show is over. Jack is terrific, and is truly growing in leaps. This tango was clean and sharp overall, and they even snuck a little bit of Argentine tango in there (you can tell by the immediate posture change).

Amber and Derek’s Rumba: Warning: Gratuitous naked abs and pecs! But is that really a problem, especially when they belong to Derek Hough? Well, yes, when it makes it near impossible to watch Amber. I confess I barely watched her at all. I’m pretty sure she was good though. She certainly won enough judges’ points to avoid the dance-off challenge.

For my fifth dance, I was really impressed with both Corbin and Elizabeth for their cha-cha faceoff. They’re both strong dancers, and while Corbin is definitely fiercer and cleaner, Elizabeth held her own against him. I also loved how they started dancing together after their performances. It’s a shame Tom had to stop them because of time; I bet Cheryl and Tony are proud of them for trying to lead and follow each other.

So now we come to the elimination. Leah clearly has quite an active fan base, because they continue to save her. I like Leah too, but considering the dance talent still left and the speed with which other dancers learn and grow, I think her time has come. I’m sad to see Brant go (Peta, not as much), but I’m really glad Jack is still here.

So dance fans, “do you believe” in this week’s elimination? Do you really think Leah was “stronger” than Brant, or were she and Tony “gypsies, tramps, and thieves?” Are you tired of the Cher references already, or was this week everything you’d hoped for?


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