Connie Raves: Romance Novels Are All the Rage

Romance Novels

Are you embarrassed to admit you love romance novels? Don’t be! I’m not! I’ve been reading romance novels since my teens when I was left at the library to wait for my parents to pick me up.

I had already gone through all the Encyclopedia Brown books, and Nancy Drew held no interest for me. But among the racks of paperbacks filled with Agatha Christie novels were Harlequin romances. I picked one up and never looked back.

I even hand-wrote two full novels in high school and college (though, sadly, neither got picked up for publishing). Looking back, I needed to mature more as a person before delving into writing a proper romance. I haven’t really attempted to write another, though I have many ideas churning away in my mind.

Not a fan? Have you ever read a romance novel? Maybe you have but didn’t think it was a romance. The Twilight series can be considered romance novels. 50 Shades of Grey even (if you’re into that sort of thing!) Or perhaps you’ve read what’s considered “chick lit” — Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Most, if not all, of Sidney Sheldon’s books have elements of romance, and it’s the romance that brings that little extra something to the story and the characters to tie it all together.

Do you mix up your romance novels with your horror novels with your non-fiction books? Do you prefer one over another?

Maybe you are a fan and not afraid to admit it, like me. So tell, me when did you start reading romances? Do you remember your first (romance novel, that is)? Leave thoughts below!

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  1. Connie Raves: Romance Novels Are All the Rage

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  3. Connie Raves: Romance Novels Are All the Rage @reellifejane not sure this is “news”?

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  5. Vera Marie Badertscher Avatar

    EWWWWW! Connie, I may have to write a rant against Romance Novels, now. Actually I’ve already ranted against them several times over at A Traveler’s Library. I can stomach historic romance, when the emphasis is on the history and not the romance, but Harlequin Formulas? Fugedaboutit!

  6. Connie Raves: Romance Novels Are All the Rage

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