It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve recapped “Castle” (I apologize), and I am glad to be back at it. I do enjoy the team, the storylines and, of course, the progression of the relationship between Castle and Beckett.

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In this episode, a dying man leaves a baby with a priest, and Castle and Beckett end up tending to the little buy while they investigate the crime.

Castle and Beckett arrive at his apartment with bundles of groceries discussing Thanksgiving dinner. All is good until Castle tells Beckett that his family dresses up for the dinner. Seriously? Oh my gosh, Beckett wonders what other traditions she will be marrying into. Ha ha.

A man (Cameron), stumbles into a church with a baby – collapses and dies. Luckily he handed the baby to the priest just before he dropped dead.

Enter Castle, Becket and the team.  “A baby,” Castle exclaims. You could tell right away his adoration for the little guy. It was cute … so cute that when Child Services didn’t have room to take him, Castle volunteered he and Beckett for the duty. Huh? Do we see a baby in the future?

Later at the precinct, Castle offers the baby boy to Beckett to hold, but she dismisses the opportunity. “I suppose you hate rainbows too,” says Rick. Ha ha … but Ryan jumps at the opportunity since he and Jenny’s baby is due in a month. Unfortunately, the baby cries every time Ryan holds him.

FYI – Castle names him Cosmo because that’s what he was going to name Alexis if she were a boy.

The team discovers the man was a limo driver, but his boss tells Espo and Ryan that Cameron didn’t show up the night before, but a man had visited his work place several times, and he seemed to be afraid of him. Well, it’s turns out Cameron used to work as a getaway driver.

As the case evolves. we find out that Ryan is really into the lotto, and when he watches the drawing for Super Ultra Mega Ball 3000 on TV, Castle realizes that Cameron had the winning ticket in his pocket. Also, Lanie gives them information about particulates found under the nails of the victim, and with the gas canister and ping pong balls that the shooter had purchased, it all leads to a lottery gigging scheme. That’s a big time no-no.

Unfortunately, Cameron and the lottery hostess (Miranda) were pressured into going along with it, or their loved ones would be killed, including little Cosmo.

As Castle and Beckett continue their investigation, Castle finds out that Beckett isn’t really a baby person. “I suppose you hate rainbows too,” he exclaims. “I don’t hate babies, Castle, I just don’t see the appeal.” (Now that mine are teenagers, I hear what she’s saying – just kidding).

She assures him that she’ll feel differently when they have their own. Their own? There’s gonna be a baby Castle in the future. Yay!


In a cute scene while trying to find out where Cameron was killed, Espo and Ryan have a discussion about Ryan becoming a father. Ryan tells Espo he doesn’t think he’s ready. Espo says, “You’re not ready.” Ryan was a little surprised, but then Espo says, “You care … that already makes you a hundred times better than the dad I had.” Aw – both a sad aw and good aw.

They find out that Miranda (lotto hostess) is the one who carries the balls (which are now doped up) to the lotto drawing, and Beckett stops her for questioning. Miranda is so happy to hear that her baby, who is actually named Benny, is alive and with them.

I think the fun part of the episode was watching Castle and Beckett and how their future as parents and partners will play out. The scene in his apartment when they were working together to keep Cosmo from crying and changing his diapers as a team was great. Cut to morning – a very tired Castle and Beckett.

Later, Rick  is worried (due to his past marriage) that he will be the only one taking care of their baby – not the case, as Beckett explains. Happy Castle.

Side Note: Doesn’t Beckett (Stana) have great hair! I know you women think so.

They solve the murder (that’s a surprise) and all is good … until Alexis says to them, “If I have kids in a few years and you have kids in a few years, they can grow up together.” Castle: “And it’s ruined.”

Thanksgiving Dinner – oh my – Kate comes out in a Pocahontas costume, not realizing Castle was kidding about dressing up for the dinner (shouldn’t she know by now what a jokester he is? – lol). But no problem, she had a pilgrim costume for him to wear – sorry, Castle!

“Castle” is always a cute show. What did you think of this episode? I can’t wait to see them as parents. How will it affect her career, though? 



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