So, you say you’ve never read a romance novel (even the mainstream ones like 50 Shades of Grey), but you’re intrigued. What book should you read to ease you into the wonderful world of romance novels?

I’d suggest picking up Rachel Gibson’s latest book, Run to You. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. Humor? No problem. There are enough chuckles spaced throughout the book to make you smile.

BUY: Run To You by Rachel Gibson 

Intrigue? No problem. Our main characters find themselves suddenly on the run when the hero coldcocks a guy as he is coming to our heroine’s rescue.

Sex? But of course! Not so much that you feel the need to take a shower afterward, but enough to titillate and tantalize the senses.

A good story? Yes, sir (or Run to You by Rachel Gibsonma’am). Gibson always weaves a great tale and incorporates characters from a couple of her previous books. How can you say no to all of that?

Still leery of reading a romance? Then look at it as reading any ol’ fiction novel. There’s just some romance wrapped in there as well.

The book follows Stella, a cute bartender, and Beau, an ex-Marine who is sent by Stella’s new-found sister to bring her back to Texas. Stella is somewhat content with her life, but then Beau takes her on an unexpected road trip after he punches her mob-connected boss.

Neither really wants a relationship, but they sure want each other! Beau struggles with his self-imposed celibacy, and it’s up to Stella to seduce the pants off him.

The story takes place partly in Lovett, Texas, a fictional town first introduced in Gibson’s Daisy’s Back in Town. And Stella’s sister Sadie had her own romance told in Rescue Me.

Within a couple hours I devoured the book. It made me wonder—why do I enjoy some stories and authors better than others? I enjoy the humor Gibson inserts into her books. The one-liners, the play on words—they make me chuckle and make me stay around for more.

Go on, try it. Don’t be shy. I promise it won’t hurt.

Have you read Run to You yet? What did you think? What authors do you follow? What authors do you dislike? Tell us in the comments below!



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