Bones Recap: The Mystery in the Meat – 9×10


Well, “Bones” moving to Friday night has already affected my “real time” viewing. I went to a movie and dinner with my husband. Therefore, I had to set the DVR! Rrrrr…

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This episode starts in a school cafeteria when a student finds a human tooth in their stew.  “The stew, it’s people!” Panic… and more parts are found in other students’ stew. Yuck! The team shows up and find out that the stew is called “Kettle-Top Stew,” a canned product from Tryon Foods. The victim, Howard Compton, who worked for Tryon.

As they interview people who work at Tryon, they are told that if foods don’t pass inspection, they are sent to second tier places such as schools, nursing homes, and prisons. Cool, schools and nursing homes get the same second tier food that prisoners get! What a great idea!

At the lab, Oliver and Daisy want to kill each other. They really don’t like each other and try their best to best each other. It’s funny, Oliver has taken over Daisy’s position being the most annoying squint! I’m still wondering if Daisy and Lance are going to get back together. They certainly haven’t pushed it.

Angela has a talk with Brennan telling her she needs a bachelorette party. Bones says no, and Angela gets her feelings hurt. She is now below Christine and Booth on the importance list. Poor Angie.

Being the nice guy, Booth tells Bones she should let Angela throw her the party. Even though he and Angie had a falling out, he tells Bones she doesn’t have to choose between the two of them. Ha, he wasn’t expecting Bones to say, “Angela said there would be excessive alcohol consumption and flirting.” Booth, “Oh, wow.”  Lol. That was funny.

At the bachelorette party, Bones, Angela, Cam, Daisy and Caroline (alright Caroline!) find the Country and Western bar they had planned on is now a biker bar – but of course, they make the best of it! Uh oh, Bones heads right for the bar and orders the beginning of many shots. Her knife trick (between the fingers) was humorous, Brennan dancing her crazy way, and the flirting… oh, that started the fight with Moose (whose husband she was flirting with).32d0f5e3cc2ef3feb4f6dea2dc2d4aef

Booth and Sweets continue to interview fellow employees at Tryon Foods. Agatha Bloom (the business partner) was already ruled out, Susan, the food scientist, whose job was threatened by Howard and his junk food creating genius was at a retreat. But who was it?

They find out Howard had been secretly funding a natural foods group, which was opposite of what Tryon was about – additives and chemicals to make the food taste better and have a longer shelf life.

Howard had been working on new food products when he died – junk food – worth millions. Hodgins and Oliver examine and test the food Howard had been working on. They tried a tube of “Hot Bacon,” but find out that it is actually a sexual lubricate! Their faces when they find out – so funny.

When Howard found out that Sam Gifford (CEO of Tryon) was buying horse meat from Mexico and passing it off as beef, Gifford stabbed him and processed him – and he ended up as canned food.  Wretch!  (The team just needs to figure this out!)

Cut to Booth helping Bones into the living room. He gets her to the ottoman – she slips to the floor and starts to crawl to the sofa while telling him what happened at the bar. It was nice seeing how sweet Booth was with her – although when she told him that she had confessed to Angela about what she and Booth did in the bathtub, he was a little horrified. So funny when she asked him if they should go do it now (bathtub), and he said if they did, she would drown!  Ha ha.

The next morning at the lab, the ladies are feeling the effects of the booze. Oliver, Angela and Daisy have recreated the crime. The murderer stabbed the victim, and it hit an artery covering the murderer with blood. Yep, they find blood still in Sam Gifford’s hair. Bingo – he did it because Howard was going to expose his company.

Side Note: Oliver and Daisy make up – a little – baby steps.

Yay, Angela goes to Booth and apologizes about the things she said to him (although at the time she was right in doing so) when he broke off the engagement with Bones. It was nice that he told her he’d forgotten that she had put Bones first – what any best friend would do. They hug, and Booth feels a little uncomfortable, which was funny.

One thing (out of many) that I really like about “Bones” is the effort they put into issues in our society – child abuse, cruelty to animals, chemicals in foods, the importance of organics, etc… I think they do add good messages in a lot of the episodes.


Caroline to Booth: “I like it when you don’t make me work.”

Brennan to the girls: “I’m not a skank. What’s a skank? It sounds bad.”

Daisy to Oliver: “Don’t be nice to me, it’s weird.”

Cam to Caroline: “Gas on the fire, Caroline.”

Booth to Bones: “I’m not your friend, I’m like your sexual puppy dog.”

What did you think about this episode of “Bones”? Has the Friday night time slot affected your “real time” viewing? Do you still love the show?






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  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Ok, first of all, sorry I didn’t roll this out sooner! The new Friday timeslot has me messed up too! I kept thinking it was Monday night.

    Second, I LOVE this recap. Very stream of consciousness.

    And third, I wonder if Tyson is going to sue Bones! Tryon is awfully close to Tyson.

    And yeah – schools, nursing homes and prisons. All second-tier foods! Good lord.

  2. Bones Recap: The Mystery in the Meat – 9×10

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  4. Mel M Avatar
    Mel M

    It was sad because they finally reunite Sweets and Daisy and she’s about to have his son…then he dies grrrrr! JFD was more than willing to come back after his movie but the producers feared a lot of fans asking when Sweets would come back like what happened with Zack.

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