Bones Recap: The Fury in the Jury – 9×9

Bones Recap: The Fury in the Jury

Hello, Friday Night! I am really hoping that “Bones” fans will follow our beloved show to its new time slot and keep it going for another season on FOX, via Direct TV.

After being very disappointed with “The Honeymoon” episode, the past two episodes have been an improvement, and I really think this one was the best out of the last three.

We get Brennan serving on jury duty (can you imagine?), Angela showing real passion and anger while helping Cam solve her identity theft problem, and Booth seeing that Bones is exhausted and frustrated with herself after finding an accused killer innocent because she persuaded the other jurors they couldn’t prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that he killed his wife – although almost all of the jurors, including Brennan, “knew” he did it.

Okay, on to the recap. Brennan is on jury duty for the case of a professional international soccer player (Peter Kidman) accused of killing his wife (Charlene), while the key witness (and Peter’s best friend) is found dead. The team has to prove that Kidman killed his wife and his best friend.

As you can imagine, Brennan is her usual self while serving on the jury. She draws pictures of the accused, fellow jurors, and anything that’s of interest to her and has no problem telling people what she thinks. Testimony from both sides takes place. Peter’s sister Allison, is cross examined, and it’s clear that she is very close to her brother.

The team at the Jeffersonian watches the trial. Everyone thinks Peter is guilty – he is smug and arrogant.

One of my — as I’m sure with all “Bones” fans — favorite weekly scenes over the years is the conversation that Booth and Bones share while driving in his FBI SUV. While driving back from the courthouse, Booth senses Bones is exhausted.

Booth: “I know the murder is bad, but soccer – that’s anti-American.” She thinks that’s funny.

He knows she’s somewhat frustrated with the case. Being his sweet self, he offers her a massage later and a little something else (we know what that means) – she smiles and says she will take him up on the massage – after telling him she can’t talk about the case.

Back at The Jeffersonian, a body has been delivered. Daisy is now working there and bugging everyone a little bit — but I think they’re getting used to it. She is very smart, and I love how kooky she is. It brings another element of humor to the show.

The gang is surprised to see Brennan show up – knowing she must be tired. She helps examine the body (and to make sure Daisy is doing a good job). After examining it, she exclaims, “Beaten, shot and possibly drowned – this is very interesting.” Cam replies, “You’ve clearly been bored.” At that moment, Brennan gets a call to get back to the courtroom.

Back at court, the jurors talk. It’s pretty funny – one says he was just about to close a deal on an SUV, another one had to leave her kids while putting them to bed – Bones says to her, “It’s difficult to leave your kids, isn’t it?,” and the juror responds,God no, I was thrilled – let my lazy ass husband try and put them to sleep.” I had to laugh out loud at that.

The judge tells the jury they are sequestered (ugh), and Bones gets a small lecture from the judge (“Are you the Judge now?”) when she starts to explain to the other jurors the possible reasons for  it.

I really enjoyed the scenes with Cam and Angela. Angela had been working hard to help Cam find the woman who stole her identity. Angela tells Cam she knows it’s a woman because of her spending habits – which happen to  be very similar to Cam’s. Eventually, Angela has a breakthrough and finds a security video that shows the woman. Cam is shocked because it’s her old college roommate! What?! She had even come to visit Cam last year. Strange.

Daisy finds a second bullet in the victim. She really tries to prove her capabilities while Brennan is on jury duty. She drives the team a little crazy (as usual), but in fact, does a very good job finding new evidence. I’m wondering if she and Sweets are going to get back together. What do you think?

Back at the courtroom, the prosecution and defense attorneys present their summations. Brennan responds to the defense attorney who as looking directly at her. Of course, she gets into trouble again. Bones… I thought it was funny when Sweets told Booth that a juror argued with the defense attorney and Booth said, “I’m sure it wasn’t Bones.” Yeah, right.Bones Recap: The Fury in the Jury

In a turn of events, the body that was found washed up on a beach (which the team is working on), ends up being the smoking gun — Kidman’s best friend, Christopher Barnes. He was to testify for the prosecution. Hum. Now the team thinks Peter killed him too, but they can’t tell Brennan about him (being murdered).

The jury deliberates, and what a funny scene that was. One juror is missing her TV shows, and of course, Bones starts to give instructions, making the real foreman mad – one juror says Bones is bossy… lol.

The old lady juror wants to keep her identity a secret so nobody will stalk her after the trial is over. She says nobody knows anything about her – uh, you spoke too soon.  Brennan begins a spiel that tells pretty much everything about her – that was funny. The other jurors decide to let Brennan lead the voting, and although they all think that the killer is Kidman, they can’t prove it. A big problem was that Barnes didn’t show up to testify (the jury doesn’t know he was found dead on a beach – including Brennan).

Booth and Brennan talk on the phone that night, and he can’t tell her about the body (Barnes) being found or any details which would sway the evidence/decision. After their conversation, Bones knows he wasn’t telling her something, but didn’t know what.

The verdict comes in, and Kidman is found not guilty. Angela and the team are disgusted. Booth tells Bones that the body at the lab is Barnes, but couldn’t tell her or it would have swayed her decision. She is visibly upset (not at him) that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Kidman.

She’s mad at herself and tells Booth she swayed the jury because there wasn’t enough evidence. They both know that Kidman killed Barnes because he was going to testify against him. Booth tells her they just have to prove Kidman killed Barnes.

Sweets and Booth find out that Barnes liked to meet women from sex sites. He was suppose to meet a girl named Kinky Kelly (Allison set him up).

Brennan is back at the lab now. With evidence and particulates found, the team figures out where Barnes’ body was dumped – at a pond. A citrine and bloody stone are found at the site. They think someone lured him to the pond – it ends up being Kidman’s sister. She loves her brother, doesn’t want him to get locked up, and does what it takes to protect him – including killing Barnes.

Brennan and Daisy look at the body again and find more evidence. The victim was kicked – the type of kick that Kidman was known for on the soccer field, but they need more than that. Brennan raises her voice at Daisy, saying that they’re missing something. She is very passionate about finding Kidman guilty (and we know she will).

Bones Recap: The Fury in the Jury

The team finds evidence that Allison tried to kill Barnes, but couldn’t finish the job. She called her brother and he left his home (that was mobbed by the press) in his bodyguard’s clothes. He beat up Barnes and then drowned him (after Allison shot him – poor guy). His attorney even tells him he gets what he deserves – which will be a conviction!

Back at home, Booth tells Bones they are like Ying and Yang. Bones laughs and says, “You mean Yin.” He says they would have had a hung jury if they were on the case together … because they’re Ying (Yin) and Yang. He looks at the banana split he made for the two of them, “We fit together.” She agrees, they do fit together – and they kiss.

Wow, I didn’t mean for this to be as long as it is. I really did like this episode. I hope you did, too. Next week is Brennan’s bachelorette party! Can’t wait!

What did you think about this episode of “Bones”? Did you like it better than the previous two episodes? Are you following the show to Friday night? 






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