Bones Recap: The Dude in the Dam – 9×8

Bones: The Dude in the Dam

Well “Bones” fans, this episode is the last in the Monday time slot. “Bones” will premiere in its new Friday slot on Nov. 15 – that’s right, this week. We get two new “Bones” episodes in one week!

In Monday’s episode, the team investigates the murder of a failed model, Sean Nolan, whose body is found caught up in a beaver dam. We also get a wonderful little feud between two authors … our Dr. Brennan and Tess Brown (Nora Dunn – cool!).

We start out with Brennan and Booth arguing (bickering) about technology vs. the old fashion way of reading a newspaper. Bones embraces technology, of course, while Booth is the traditionalist. While reading, Bones shows Booth an article by author Tess Brown who doesn’t have very kind words for Brennan’s books. Booth reminds her that she slammed (unintentionally, of course) Brown’s books in her own interview. Booth tells Brennan she isn’t “tactful” – she needs to use “tact.” We all know that isn’t her strong suit …one of her endearing characteristics that make us laugh.

A body is found at a dam and the team convenes. Slugs (yuck) eat the victim at a rapid pace. Hodgins is impressed, but knows there has to be a reason for it. Turns out the victim, Sean Nolan, was a sperm donor that was taking the fertility drug HCG, which raises testosterone levels (causing the slugs to have an over the top sex drive – really- the things they come up with in these stories). Turns out he has fathered many children, and it wasn’t because he loved kids – he viewed them as trophies (nice guy).

At the lab – gross gross gross – Hodgins has what looks like a huge bug bite on the back of his neck, but it’s actually a bot fly growing under his skin … and he’s excited about it. Angela is truly disgusted and says to him, “You’re insane” – no kidding! It was insane! Ugh. But, it isn’t weird for Hodgins, who has a true love for bugs. I actually had to laugh at the whole thing (but was grossed out too). Even Wendall thought it was disgusting.

Booth and Sweets interview Sean’s girlfriend and find out that she’s an accountant who’s financially supporting Sean. He traveled for his so-called modeling, and she was “in love” with him. It ends up a dead end, so they interview Judith, the sperm bank manager who found out Sean had lied about attending Harvard (they wanted smart donors at the sperm bank), so she fired him.

Angela sees the interview with Brennan that started the feud between her and Tess Brown. She shows Bones the interview and questions her “tact.” “Brennan, you’re blunt, that’s one of the things I love about you.’

Angie does an experiment with her. Angie: “What do you think of this dress?” Brennan looks at it and says,It reminds me of garments prostitutes were forced to wear in shame under the law of Lex Julia.”

Oh my God – so funny. Angela: That was tactful … and also insulting.” Brennan realizes she should apologize to Tess for the tactlessness in her comments regarding Tess’s books.

Bones: The Dude in the Dam

When Brennan and Tess appear on Book Beat, Brennan tries to apologize, but makes it worse (like we didn’t know that was going to happen), but Tess isn’t playing nice – so now Bones wants an apology (I love it!). Tess says, “I’d rather read your dribble than apologize.” Oh dear.

Back at the lab, Angela finds out Sean was selling his sperm online and lying about his education to the recipients – Sweets questions one of the customers who threatened Sean when his wife didn’t get pregnant – but to no avail.

Booth ends up finding out Judith was pregnant with Sean’s baby. So then, they question Sean’s girlfriend again, thinking that she had a motive now. But when Booth tells her Judith is pregnant, the girlfriend laughs and laughs … because she said he would never want kids – again, they were just “trophies” of his fertility. Oh brother.

Now they realize it must have been Judith – and they found a fingernail sliver that belonged to her on Sean’s skull. Oh yes, Judith was in love with Sean, but he was in no way going to have a child with her. As Angela said, “There’s nothing like a woman scorned with a three-sided hoe.” Remember that fellas, ha ha.

Botfly delivery – it figures – turns out Wendall wasn’t available to assist, so poor Angela is there for the task … I loved it when she said, “I wish I was stuck in the waiting room smoking cigars with the other guys.”

Back to Tess and Brennan. They meet at the Royal Diner to fix things once and for all, but Tess tells Brennan that she just ignited the feud for publicity since her book sales were down. She insulted her own readers, calling them “idiots,” not knowing the conversation was being taped by a fan. Trouble for Tess!  Brennan turns up being golden … of course!

Back on the home-front, Booth wants Bones to write a book about the two of them solving a crime in space. Eventually, Bones gets up and heads up to bed, saying she’s not listening (not thinking the idea is a good one). He follows her, and you can hear the conversation fade out. Funny.

Side Note: Hodgins names his botfly Jefferson.

Remember, “Bones” is moving to Friday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX. Let’s all follow our show to ensure a 10th season!

What did you think of this episode of “Bones”? The botfly was gross, right? Will you be following the show to Friday nights? 






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  1. Bones Recap: The Dude in the Dam – 9×8

  2. Bones Recap: The Dude in the Dam – 9×8

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