Betrayal: One More Shot

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve recapped “Betrayal,” and I’m just not sure where it’s headed. Both the storyline and the show, in general.

The ratings haven’t been great, and Michael Schneider, over at TV Guide, says there are a couple of reasons why the show hasn’t been canceled yet. First, it was only meant to be a limited-run series (Really? Do we know that for sure?). And second, the lack of anything better on the shelf. “‘Betrayal’ is still on the air because ABC didn’t have a backup ready,” writes Schneider.

Unless something major happens in the episode airing Dec. 8 (apparently, there are no episodes for the next two weeks), I’m guessing “Betrayal” might be headed for the ax. But then, it was only meant to be a limited-run series. I guess.

This episode was centered on the families of the various characters. In particular, the kids. Jack and Sara are trying to figure things out in the wake of being discovered. Sara’s worried about their kids, especially Oliver, since he’s just a little boy. Jack’s kids just turned 17, and maybe it might not be so hard on them.

T.J. is grieving for the loss of Brandy, whom he’d planned on asking to marry him. He even had the ring and everything. Poor guy. A nice little bauble, too. But she drowned in the bathtub of an apparent overdose. Really, though, it was Thatcher’s thug who killed her, after deciding to take matters into his own hands. Thatcher’s not happy.

At the office, Thatcher tries to get T.J. back on track, telling him to come work for him and move back in with him.

“If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger?” – T.J.

“Yeah, something like that.” – Thatcher

“What does that even mean?” – T.J.

That’s usually my sentiments exactly, when faced with a difficult situation. Words! Words! Words! They mean nothing when you’re seriously hurting.

All of this causes Thatcher to reach back in his memory to a black girl he loved during an era when blacks and whites didn’t mix. She was a singer at the nightclub where he worked, and when his boss put the moves on her, Thatcher stabbed him. That’s when he changed his name to Thatcher.

The club closed, and the girl moved to Detroit, but it appears that she may have been pregnant with Thatcher’s baby. He recalls seeing the girl later on, when she was maybe 9 or 10. She gives him the same look as Brandy’s daughter, for whom Thatcher sets up a trust fund. When she’s adopted into a nice family, he sits across the street in his car, watching her as she turns around and smiles at him before going into the house. That was a sweet moment.

Another sweet moment — Jack staring at a photo of him and his daughter on his phone; at the same time, she unwraps his present and finds the same photo, framed for her birthday.

And then – a not-so-sweet moment. Thatcher point-blank shoots the thug who killed Brandy. I guess this was some sort of redemption for sending her daughter into the foster care system (though, honestly, she may have an easier life with her new family).

Any thoughts on “Betrayal”? Are you hoping it has a miraculous turnaround? Or are you preparing for the likely cancellation? 


  1. iam sorry but this show is the best best writers and cast, it is better than revenge and scandal and greys, for once they have a real life juicy show and they want to cancel it or put a reality show on ah
    so many, please abc give it another chance, you have shows you are airing that stink. really. give it another season or move it to another time slot big fan

  2. Love this show. !!! hate missing it for two weeks ! Too bad it is up against the Mentalist…..and that darned football…..haven’t we had
    enough during the day ?? The cast is superb….settings I love…and the story lines too. and the music…by BT and Michael DiMattia.


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