Almost Human Recap: Skin – 1×2

Almost Human: Skin

I’ve been pretty geeked about “Almost Human” after recapping the pilot last night. Let’s see how tonight’s second episode pans out.

Apparently, some things never change. This episode of “Almost Human” is all about sex trafficking, although with a robotic twist. Sebastian Jones is a high-end sex trade bot maker, a.k.a. bang bots, says Richard the Annoying (that’s the name I’m giving the irritating cop).

But Sebastian doesn’t last long. The show opens with him doing tests on a scantily-clad woman in what looks like a hotel room. Only there’s some guys watching them on a screen. Then two guys with “flash masks” – masks that look invisible, but shield them from surveillance cameras – break in and shoot Sebastian dead, then release a fizzy DNA bomb.

On the way to the crime scene, Dorian tells John he has “negative energy” – that’s after John tries to impress some kids by stabbing his synthetic leg with a knife. And we learn he’s also not good with cats. “I’m allergic to cats,” says John. “Maybe the cats are allergic to you,” says Dorian. “Ever consider that?” Cop banter.

In the year 2048, robots are everywhere, but it’s illegal for bot makers to use human DNA in their creations. But some of these sex bots have human DNA – taken from girls who are being abducted for their skin. Talk about a skin trade.

John may not be good with kids, but he does pretty well with Victor, the young son of a woman abducted from a parking garage for her “skin.” He appeals to Victor by giving him the cutest little giraffe I’ve ever seen. It looks like a little figurine, but when John puts it on the table, it behaves like a sweet little “real” giraffe. I want one!

Victor tells John what happened, how his mom was taken away by two guys in a big silver car. Turns out a former colleague of Sebastian’s was suing him for rights to certain designs. He seems like a good suspect, at this point.

Here’s where Dorian comes in handy – he’s able to hack into the guy’s computer systems and get some info. Later, in a club where he and John are looking for the sex bot, Dorian can detect vitals and figure out whether someone’s lying. We all need a Dorian.

Using Vanessa – a sex bot with human DNA – John and Dorian are able to find the girls who’ve been abducted, including Victor’s mom.

When Rudy was accessing Vanessa’s database, did anyone else feel like that’s what’s happening in our world? That Big Brother will soon know everything about us – and probably already does?

The end scene was so sweet – when John goes to see Marty and tell him about his dad – John’s partner who died in the syndicate attack.

Cool Stuff:

A license plate that changes, a.k.a. a “tag scanner.” That certainly could come in handy if you’re evading the law.

Rudy calling the Albanians “Albinos.”

“Flash masks” – masks that look invisible, but shield people from surveillance cameras.

The synthetic skin Rudy was picking apart – and how it was affecting Dorian to see that.

Dorian talking about scanning John’s testicles and noticing that they’re “backed up” (thus causing him to create a dating profile for John). That’s awkward.

When Dorian quizzes John about what kind of women he likes, John describes Detective Stall.

Dorian wanting to be with Vanessa when she’s deactivated. When she asks where she’s going, Dorian says, “A better place.” John told him it gives people hope to feel that way.

Your thoughts on this episode of “Almost Human”? 


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