Almost Human Recap: Are You Receiving? – 1×3

Almost Human Are You Receiving

This week on “Almost Human” … I sure hope they come up with a synthetic leg soon like the one John has. It looks … almost human! Notice that John tries the olive oil trick that Dorian mentioned last week? Good continuity. Then John tries to explain in the car later that he ate a Greek salad. At 10 a.m.

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The story this week involves a hostage situation in an office building led by the creepy Lucas Vincent (Damon Herriman, who plays Dewey Crowe on “Justified”) from the Holy Reclamation Army. That sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

John and Dorian go to investigate, check out the surveillance footage and realize the perps are still in the building – on the 25th floor with a bunch of hostages.

Maldonado tells John and Dorian to get out of the building, but of course, they continue up the stairs to find the terrorists. Don’t you love how John just came back to work and is calling all the shots? Renegade.

Side Note: For being a futuristic show, this office building is very 1980s, isn’t it? It’s like the further up the stairs they go, the further back in time they go.

A woman named Paige (Emily Rios, who played Andrea Cantillo on “Breaking Bad”) is on the 25th floor talking to J&D on the phone from a utility closet as they’re making their way up the stairs. Then the terrorists kill someone and toss the body out the window with a note: “No Cops. Stay Out.” That’s clear enough.

The terrorists demand a big scary explosion machine (a fission igniter?) from Maldonado, right about the time Dorian malfunctions and John has to wire him back together with bubblegum. That’s fun. And sometimes the old methods work just fine.

Then Paige makes the very wrong decision to go join her sister out in the hostage room. At least she manages to put her phone – turned on – in the phone pile, so J&D can listen in. I think she should have hidden it a little better, but whatever.

J&D figure out it’s actually a heist, and the terrorists are after precious metals in a nearby building. Dorian skillfully climbs up the elevator shaft and into a vent, then drops into the hostage room and starts shooting.

Then John shows up, using the Facemaker to make the terrorists think he’s one of them – brilliant! Love this show, and love the old-married-couple chemistry between John and Dorian.

Not enough Rudy in this episode, though.

Other fun stuff: 

John rigging up wires so Dorian can heat up his coffee in the car.

Dorian being miffed at lateness. Yep, old married couple.

John’s ice-fishing story to Paige. “I’m with you. Everything is gonna be ok.”  Sometimes you just need to feel like you’re not alone.

Facemakers: A high-tech identity thief gadget with some handy plastic surgery-like methods.

John’s middle name is Reginald. His dad was a big Elton John fan. (Elton’s real name is Reginald.)


“In the Portuguese culture, it is proven that people find a woman’s voice more soothing in moments of crisis.” – Dorian, after talking to one of the hostages in a female voice.

“There’s 50 shades of purple in there!” John, trying to fix the wound in Dorian’s head with bubblegum.

“No one messes with my coffee warmer.” – John, when Dorian thanks him for saving his life.

“No. Don’t do that, please.” – John, when Dorian starts singing to “Benny and the Jets” in the car

“Whatever you say, Reginald.” – Dorian


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