2013 American Music Awards – Who Was Best Dressed?

American Music Awards: Taylor Swift

Sunday night at the American Music Awards, the ladies rocked the Red Carpet with a variety of outfits that were clearly meant to make a “statement.” It’s the AMAs – of course they did. We saw black lace, white old school glamour, glitzy sequins and bright orange, to name a few.

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The ladies are never shy at any of the music awards shows, but the AMAs did seem a little more reserved than the VMAs – but that’s not surprising. Taylor Swift looked lovely (as Justin Timberlake called her) in a short gold sequin dress.

Miley Cyrus actually toned it down for the red carpet in a white cropped pant suit. Christina Aguilera looked gorgeous in a full length white gown, and Rihanna was beautiful in a black lace dress.

I’m not sure who my vote is for, but I really liked Taylor Swift – she is just adorable, and quite glamorous for a 23-year-old. Rihanna was very pretty in black lace, while Jennifer Hudson was very colorful in her orange “mullet dress” by Christian Dior.

American Music Awards

Of course, Lady Gaga made heads turn in her lavender dress, but with a huge “faux” white horse in tow – and her performance was even more over the top!

It’s all opinion, so you decide for yourself. Who do you think was best dressed? And for the record, Justin Timberlake looked fantastic in his black three-piece suit. Check out all the dresses and performances from Sunday night.

American Music Awards: Miley Cyrus

What did you think of the AMAs? Was anyone over-the-top with their dress? Who was your favorite?


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