The Voice: Blind Auditions 5

Let’s take a look at the auditions in the fifth installment of “The Voice” blind auditions. The judges all need 12 artists, and at this point, CeeLo has nine (three more needed), Blake and Adam both have ten (need two more), and Christina has 11 (needs one more).

Matt Cermanski, 20, Phoenixville, PA, “Have a Little Faith in Me” (Adam Levine). He’s returning after auditioning previously. He’s been working on finding himself and his genre. Adam turns first, then Blake, then CeeLo. He does have a beautiful voice. Blake said it was almost like watching a cat play with a mouse, when he started with the falsettos and runs. Adam loves that he returned to “The Voice,” and he’s seen a lot of growth between the first and tonight’s performance.

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Diego Roman Navaira, 22, San Antonio, TX, “Rebel Yell” (no one). His dad is a big Latin music star and has been credited with bringing tahana music to the mainstream. Adam said he has one slot left, so he has to be super picky. Christina said he sang well, but they all have to be super choosy. They all liked him, though.

Tamara Chauniece, 23, Wharton, TX, “1+1” (CeeLo Green). She grew up in the church, did her first public performance at 7 and recorded an album at 11. Christina turned right away, then CeeLo. “It was gorgeous and so are you,” said CeeLo. “I loved it,” said Christina, noting that she started singing at 7 too. CeeLo said his parents were both ministers too, but he’s a sinner and maybe she can save him. “Yeah, come to Jesus,” she said. “Jesus looks good!” said CeeLo. Her gut told her to choose CeeLo (or possibly that comment).

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Brandon Chase, 20, Arlington, TX, “Wanted” (Blake Shelton). He nearly died as a baby, but went on to graduate from college at 17, causing Carson Daly to say he’s highly overqualified for music. Blake was first to turn, then CeeLo, yelling over at Blake, “I’ll fight you for him!” Blake asked if he wanted to be a country singer, and Brandon said, “Yes, sir.” Christina notices that both Brandon and Blake are wearing plaid. CeeLo jokes (I think – his is a little bigger than Michael’s!) that he’s wearing Michael Jackson’s red jacket, and Brandon said everybody loves Michael Jackson.

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Lupe Carroll, 26, Bourbonnais, IL, “If I Were a Carpenter” (CeeLo Green). He delivers flowers for a living, which he likens to being the ice cream man. Once or twice a week he performs at gigs around town, and at the farmer’s market on Saturday. He met his wife after spreading the word that he needed a cellist. They became best friends and then got married. CeeLo was the only one to turn. Blake said he has a really compelling voice.

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Grey, 25, Jacksonville, FL, “Catch My Breath” (Adam Levine). Gorgeous voice. Adam turned first, then Blake, then CeeLo. The guys immediately start fighting over her, and Blake’s chair accidentally turns back around, causing much confusion. Blake said his heart is pounding right now. CeeLo said it was “plain and simple and warm and inviting … I think your voice is perfect.” Adam called her “extraordinary.” CeeLo said, “Nobody does different better than me … look at me.” She chooses Adam, which completes his team of 12.

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Dominic Scott Kay, 17, Malibu, CA, “Easy” (no one). Actor Neal McDonough and his wife are with them (close family friends), and his dad is the drummer of the Commodores. Blake suggested trying to move the voice from nasal down further. Dominic appreciated all the comments and said he’ll keep working hard.

Michael Lynch, 27, Chicago, IL, “Bailamos” (Christina Aguilera). After graduating, the Latin singer moved to Mexico City and did gigs recording demos. Now he’s back in Chicago landscaping during the week and singing on weekends. Christina turned first, then Blake, then CeeLo. Michael is 100% Irish, but just loves Mexican music. He chose Christina, and she grabbed a mic and did an amazing duet with him! This also completes Christina’s team of 12.

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Deanna Johnson, 17, Hazlehurst, GA, “Stars” (no one). She comes from a farming community, but isn’t necessarily country. She likes pop music. Adam and Christina both said it’s different, but Christina would have liked more higher moments in the song. She hopes she’ll come back. Blake said she’s 8 months to a year away from coming back and winning.

Brian Pounds, 24, Austin, TX, “Wagon Wheel” (Blake Shelton). He’s a full-time musician, but started out wanting to be a baseball player. His voice is very easygoing and natural. Blake turned around first, then CeeLo. Blake immediately admired Brian’s plaid shirt and jean jacket. Blake loved his clear voice, because country music is about telling stories. Christina said CeeLo has a way of experimenting with singers, but Blake said, “I’d hate to see you experimented with … you’re a country singer, that’s what you’re born to do, let’s not play around with this thing.” He chose Blake, which completes his team of 12.

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Shawn “Big Sexy” Smith, 32, Utica, NY, “Chicken Fried” (CeeLo Green). In 2000, he enlisted in the army and ended up running over an IED and losing about 80% hearing loss in his right ear. But that drove him to be better. CeeLo is the only one left with a spot open, and he asks the audience if they like him. The crowd cheers, and CeeLo turns around. And Shawn cheered when he learned he was the last spot in the contest.

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Any favorites from tonight’s blind auditions of “The Voice”?

Next up: the sing-offs! Guest musicians include Cher, Miguel, Ryan Tedder (One Republic), and Ed Sheeran.



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