The Voice Recap: Blind Auditions, Part 3 – 5×3

The Voice: Blind Auditions 9/30/13

Here’s the rundown on last night’s episode of “The Voice”…

Ray Boudreaux, Lafayette, LA, “Use Me” (Blake Shelton). I LOVE his voice, and like he said, looking at him, you’d never guess such a great R&B sound would come out of him. He’s a single dad who Adam said looks like Blake and sounds like CeeLo and has an “epically cool voice.”

CeeLo said “Bill Withers is like a father to me … I feel like we’re cut from the same cloth.” Between Blake and CeeLo, he chose Blake. “It’s great to know that I may never have to cut grass again,” said Ray.

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Lina Gaudenzi, 23, Miami, FL, “Landslide” (Christina Aguilera). Her mom was a model, and she used to model too, but quit when she went through “that awkward teenager stage.”

I love her version of this song, and she sounds a little like Stevie Nicks, but not in an imitation way. Blake and Christina turned around. Christina said of Blake, “I think he speaks one language over there,” to which Blake replied, “It’s called winning.”

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Juhi, 16, Franklin, TN, “Mercy” (CeeLo Green). First of all, I love this song by Duffy – one of my favorites. She also listens to Nirvana and Sublime. She wants to be a cross between Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Christina and CeeLo turned around. CeeLo said it sounded effortless, and Blake said it was “really fun.”

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Malford Milligan, “Let’s Stay Together.” He’s a black albino who’s legally blind, which he said was difficult growing up in the south. He’s worked with some great musicians, including BB King, whom he toured with. Awww… no one turned around! Christina said she was waiting for something else to happen, “waiting for that moment to solidify.” Blake said, “Please go make a record so I can buy it.”

Justin Blake, “Sure Be Cool If You Did” (Adam Levine). He drives behind 18-wheelers hauling mobile homes. His girlfriend is pregnant, and he works 40 hours a week for $8/hour. “I really, really need a coach to turn around, because this could completely change my life.” Adam turned around right away. I thought Blake would turn, but he didn’t.

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Timyra-Joi, 15, San Diego, CA, “Girl on Fire” (Christina Aguilera). When she was 9 years old and her dad lost his job, her vocal coach stopped charging her for lessons, and they even moved in with her for a while. She wants to get her family completely out of the struggle.

She has an incredible voice for being only 15. Christina turned first, and right at the end, Blake and CeeLo turned too. Adam said she sounds like “an unpolished diamond,” and Christina is the one who can take her to the end. Blake reminds everyone that he won last year with a 16-year-old girl.

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Monika Leigh, 28, Boulder, CO, “The Thrill Is Gone” (Blake Shelton). She sang through her childhood, but gave up music at 22 for four years. Now she works five days a week in a hotel, but wishes she could just do music now.

Adam and CeeLo turned around right away, then Blake turned at the last minute. Adam said her voice is very subtle and pure. Monika said she doesn’t feel very country, but Blake brought out his “Voice” and won her over.

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Zach Hinson, 21, Yakima, WA, “Drunk On You.” He’s a firefighter who wants to shift gears to music. Unfortunately, no one turned around. Both Blake and Adam said he needs a little more polish, so please come back to “The Voice.”

Briana Cuoco, 24, Los Angeles, CA, “You and I” (Christina Aguilera). She’s the personal assistant for her sister, Kaley Cuoco, star of “The Big Bang Theory.” Kaley says she’s more nervous than Briana.

Christina turned around half-way through the song, then CeeLo turned right at the end. Kaley and her parents were going nuts backstage. Both judges said they felt power in her voice, and “being in front of a powerful woman is one of my favorite places to be,” said CeeLo. She chose “girl power” Christina.

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Goerge Horga, Jr., 19, Portland, OR, “Treasure” (CeeLo Green). His family is originally from Romania, and at 18, he moved to Hollywood to pursue music and purse the American Dream.

CeeLo turned about half-way through the song. George is super cute, and I think they’ll be a great match. Plus, the judges said the audience, who were on their feet, often influence their decision to turn around.

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Preston Pohl, 26, Hallettsville, TX, “Electric Feel” (Adam Levine). He played in a Christian rock band, which disbanded when one of the group passed away. Music is all he’s done. The guys turned around right away. Adam said he’d be “very, very angry if I don’t get you on my team!” And it worked.

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