The Voice: Best of the Blinds

Tonight’s episode of “The Voice” is basically a round-up of the best of the Blind Auditions. Next week begins the battles – woot! We got a sneak peek of those tonight. So neat to see the creative process.

I’ve not watched the previous seasons of “The Voice” religiously, but there are some amazing singers this season. I don’t even mind watching them again, because I love them so much! But first they kicked things off with the performance by the judges from the premiere – “I Love Rock and Roll.”

It’s a good reminder that these people are amazing performers, and it’s fun to hear their various genres blended into one song.


Then we got a little behind the scenes look at Adam’s thought process in choosing his team. “Four chair-turns are my specialty,” he says. He won Tessanne Chin, after all, with laser focus and eye contact. “I’m, like, blown away,” he said, hugging the Jamaican singer.

Of James Wolpert, he said, “The dude is just unbelievable and kept getting better and better.”

Then they had a funny bit with Sean Hayes of “Sean Saves the World.” Namely, his “audition” on “The Voice.” (“Can we go again? I’ll just Christina it up a little.”) This show looks fun.

Back at “The Voice,” Preston Pohl had one of my favorite performances with “Electric Feel.” “I’m gonna be very, very ANGRY if I don’t get you on my team!” Adam said.

Nic Hawk had an awkward moment when he poured on the charm with Adam, calling him handsome. Christina said that Nic “might be my secret weapon in distracting Adam.”

The Voice: Adam Levine
The Voice: Adam Levine

Ashley Dubose might be my favorite audition, though as mentioned, it’s really tough to choose. She sounds a lot like Rihanna, and she got four chair-turns. “My team is the strongest I’ve ever had,” said Adam.

We got a sneak peak at the coaching sessions, and Ryan Tedder of One Republic as his advisor. Good combo.

Team Adam:

  • Donna Allen
  • Nic Hawk
  • James Wolpert
  • Barry Black
  • Tessanne Chin
  • Justin Blake
  • Preston Pohl
  • Ashley DuBose
  • James Irwin
  • Will Champlin
  • Grey
  • Matt Cermanski


Holly Henry got all four coaches to turn their chairs, but Blake still had to convince the indie artist he could take her all the way to the finish line. “I almost broke my hand hitting this button,” he said, noting that she’s the only four-chair turn he won.

Ray Boudreaux had another of my favorite performances with his R&B rendition of “Use Me.”

The Voice: Blake Shelton
The Voice: Blake Shelton

Cher is Team Blake’s advisor, and good lord, I love her. We don’t get to see enough of her anywhere! So glad she’s on “The Voice.”

“Holy crapballs of America,” Blake said of soulful singer Austin Jenckes. Like Christina said, Blake might be challenging himself this year by not sticking just to country singers (though he’s had other genres in previous seasons – and won with them).

Team Blake: 

  • Shelbie Z
  • Holly Henry
  • Austin Jenckes
  • E.G. Daily
  • Cilla Chan
  • Monka Leigh
  • Ray Boudreaux
  • Sam Cerniglia
  • Emily Randolph
  • Justin Chain
  • Brian Pounds
  • Brandon Chase


Adam said, “When God made CeeLo, he was having fun that day. He is the most interesting creature on the planet Earth. I love him so much.”

Caroline Pennell has the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, and she’s just a sweetie-pie. She couldn’t believe when the judges turned around for her. She looks like a librarian, so it’ll be fun to see the pairing with CeeLo.

Kat Robichaud – she’s the one who lost her dad in February – has a great rocker voice. “She’s got a lot of attitude and a great stage presence,” said CeeLo.

The Voice: CeeLo Green
The Voice: CeeLo Green

Oh yeah, Cole Rosbury sang the theme song from “The Jeffersons”! How cool is that?! Adam said he really missed the boat by not turning around for Cole.

Miguel is CeeLo’s advisor, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do together.

Team CeeLo: 

  • Kat Robichaud
  • Caroline Pennell
  • Jonny Gray
  • Cole Vosbury
  • Anthony Paul
  • George Horga, Jr.
  • Juhi
  • R. Anthony
  • Keaira LaShae
  • Lupe Carroll
  • Shawn Smith
  • Tamara Chauniece


I love the performers who just seem to have a natural happy energy on stage. You can tell they love it, and that’s how I feel about Matthew Schuler.

The Voice: Christina Aguilera
The Voice: Christina Aguilera

Josh Logan has that same energy. Just a natural talent, and loses himself in his songs.

It’s hard to believe Jacquie Lee is just 16. Good lord. She sang her heart out on the blind audition.

Ed Sheeran is Christina’s advisor. She said she loves collaborating with creative spirits, and he’s definitely that. They’ll push artists out of their comfort zone.

Team Christina: 

  • Josh Logan
  • Matthew Schuler
  • Jacquie Lee
  • Destinee Quinn
  • Briana Cuoco
  • Jacob Poole
  • Lina Gaudenzi
  • Timyra-Joi
  • Amber Nicole
  • Olivia Henken
  • Stephanie Anne Johnson
  • Michael Lynch

Next week the fun really begins! Any favorites so far?



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