The Voice: Battles Premiere

This week, the Battle Rounds begin on “The Voice.” That means the singers battle each other by singing the same song together on the same stage. “This is really where we start separating the pack,” says Blake. The coaches have to decide who stays and who goes, which must be heartbreaking. Here’s the rundown on the advisors:

TEAM ADAM (who has a beard in the coaching session!): Grey vs. Nic Hawk, “Domino,” Jessie J. (product placement: the pair make their way to the stage in a Kia – no buff hamsters in sight, though). Amazing energy from both of them on stage, and they seem like they’re having a BLAST! I was totally chair-dancing while watching.

Blake picked Nick; Christina picked Grey; CeeLo picked Nick. I am so glad I don’t have to choose! Adam chose Grey, which puts Nick up for a steal – and Blake stole him! Nick was really emotional afterwards.

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TEAM CHRISTINA: Amber Nicole vs. Timyra-Joi, “Listen,” Beyonce. While they both have amazing powerhouse voices (good grief, gives me chills), my vote goes to Amber, who has a knock-out stage presence and range. Christina’s in tears after the performance. “If I was up and coming on the scene, I would be scared of you guys right now,” she says.

CeeLo picks Timyra-Joi; Adam and Blake couldn’t choose. Christina chose Amber, which puts Timyra-Joi up for a steal, but no one stole her (Blake said if he could go back, he would have stolen her).

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TEAM BLAKE: Justin Chain vs. Shelbie Z., “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. Their voices blend really well – they could go on the road right now (Christina agrees with me). I feel like he was singing to her more than she was singing to him. For that reason, I would choose Justin.

Christina picked Shelbie Z; CeeLo picked Shelbie; Adam couldn’t pick either at first, but when pressed by Blake, chose Justin because of a little pitch issue with Shelbie. Blake chose Shelbie Z. Justin was not picked up by another coach.

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TEAM CEELO: Anthony Paul vs. Caroline Pennell, “As Long As You Love Me,” Justin Bieber. Both such unique voices, especially Caroline (who seemed very nervous), but I think Anthony takes this one.

Adam said they both killed it, but he chose Caroline for “taking us to another world.” Blake said Anthony displayed more versatility because the song was kind of in Caroline’s wheelhouse. Christina said it’s the quieter moments that make people pay attention. She can’t choose. All the judges said it was their favorite battle of the day.

CeeLo said Caroline’s surreal voice encourages him to “dream with my eyes open,” and Anthony’s voice is so sharp and natural. He chose Caroline. Someone please, please, please steal Anthony! Yay! Christina steals Anthony! “To have vocal control like that is really magnificent,” she says.

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TEAM ADAM: Donna Allen vs. Tessanne Chin, “Next to Me,” Emeli Sande. Holy smokes, this is a tough one. They’re both powerhouse singers.

Blake called it “epic” and ultimately chose Donna. Christina called Donna “Tina Turner,” but chose Tessanne. CeeLo chose Tessanne. Adam called them both world-class singers, but chose Tessanne. And what?!! No one picked up Donna?!!

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TEAM CHRISTINA: Briana Cuoco vs. Jacquie Lee, “House of the Rising Sun,” The Animals. CeeLo said it was amazing on both of their parts, and that Jacquie put a youthful spin on it, which is why he choose Jacquie. Adam can’t choose. Blake said Jacquie’s control at 16 is incredible, but he goes with Briana because she captured what’s supposed to happen in that song. Christina said both girls won the battle, but … she chooses Jacquie.

Meanwhile, Briana is stolen by Blake and CeeLo! CeeLo says there’s a story in her voice and he wants to help nurture that. “Beat that,” he tells Blake, adding, “Do not make direct eye contact with his dimples!” Briana chooses Blake.

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